The new president of AVF Bayeux wants to revitalize the association

Nathalie Joubaud, new president of AVF Bayeux. ©Patrice Bossé

Installed in the Bessin for about a year, Nathalie Joubaud has just been elected president ofHome of the French Cities of Bayeux. As obvious for this volunteer, bathed in the associative environment for forty years in the Paris region.

“The associative world allows me to be in agreement with my values, to exchange with new people and to create new links”. These words of Nathalie Joubaud illustrate his journey well until his arrival in the Bessin where, after joining the board of directors ofAVF Bayeux in December 2022, she applied to become the president of the Bayeus association and thus succeed Liliane Thibault, now vice-president.

Taking care of an association is in a way “my way of life”, she says again. Almost a logical continuation of her professional career, she was a childminder for 30 years, a job where caring for others takes on its full meaning.

New activities

AVF Bayeux has 270 members (including 70 new ones since the start of the school year last September) and around fifty volunteers, a big machine that Nathalie Joubaud intends to govern in her own way, without rushing things, but with determination.

“I would like to revitalize AVF,” she explains. Of course, AVF’s mission remains to welcome newcomers to Bayeux and its surroundings, to facilitate their adaptation to a new living environment and therefore to create social ties.

The association offers multiple activities for this throughout the week (for an annual subscription of 33 € per person) and the objective is to offer new ones to avoid a form of sclerosis. The new president has set an example since the start of the school year by herself supervising a meditation workshop and a painting framing workshop that did not exist before.

This Thursday, a conference on Juliette Drouet

AVF Bayeux regularly offers conferences. The next one takes place this Thursday, January 12, from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., at the Espace Saint-Patrice. Florence Naugrette will come to talk about Juliette Drouet, companion of Victor Hugo. Professor of literature at the Sorbonne, writer, finalist for the Essays Femina 2022 prize, the speaker is the author of the biography “Juliette Drouet, companion of the century”, published in September 2022 by Flammarion.

The importance of volunteering

Nathalie Joubaud also wishes to underline the importance of volunteering, the true cornerstone of the association, because if the AVF is a national organization, “we only work with volunteers, she insists, except for the soft gym “.

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There, the association uses a professional, which requires an additional contribution for those who register for this activity.

“But our volunteers are trained by the Regional Union”, adds the new president who recalls that “each member, after 3 years within the association, is committed to voluntary help, even punctually”, which is well specified in black and white in the statutes of the association: “By joining, you agree to contribute to the life of the association, to its development through occasional assistance or voluntary commitment according to your skills, abilities and availability”.

Contact: AVF Bayeux, 24 rue des Bouchers in Bayeux. Such. 09 86 68 02 44 – Email: [email protected] – Website:

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The new president of AVF Bayeux wants to revitalize the association

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