The most common erotic dreams and their meaning

Have you had erotic dreams? This is perfectly normal and experts say they don’t necessarily mean that what you see in the dream is really going to happen, but they do have a meaning that you need to understand to stop dreaming the same thing. At some point in our lives we all come to have erotic dreams, sometimes they are exotic fantasies that we would really like to live out, and sometimes they are disturbing, strange and unromantic scenarios that leave us baffled as to their meaning. and their possible revelation of a forbidden desire that we suppress.

The interpretation of even the most common dreams is not an exact science, but experts say that there are different reasons why these scenarios and situations can appear during our sleep, and that they do not necessarily mean what that we think. The message is not always so obvious and can vary according to the situation of each one at the time of the dream, or the nightmare. They say that dreams are windows into the subconscious, but also that deciphering them is a bit trickier, and when it comes to erotic dreams or nightmares, the meaning may not be sexual at all (don’t you don’t worry, dreaming that you’re having sex with your high school English teacher doesn’t mean you really want to do it in the real world). “It is very difficult to interpret exactly the meaning of a dream, because it has a different meaning in different people. However, the basic parameters are usually the same,” says psychiatrist Harish Shetty

Sex with your best friend or your boss

It does not mean that you are sexually attracted to this person, but that you are looking for a way to make this relationship work, or generally it means that you see in them certain skills and qualities that you would like to cultivate more. The same is usually true for erotic dreams about co-workers who aren’t also friends. On the other hand, Dr. Nancy Irwin, a licensed clinical psychologist, says, “It’s how your mind releases feelings, temptations, validates them, and processes them appropriately.”

Being discovered having sex in public (or with a viral sex tape)

Having sex in public is a common sexual fantasy, but no one wants to be caught in the act and dreaming that people watching you are making you feel uncomfortable or putting you in danger. You may be afraid of what people think of your relationship and how they judge it, Shetty explains. It may even mean that you are worried about a personal detail being revealed and others judging you for it.

Deceive or be deceived

It also doesn’t mean there’s infidelity in your relationship. If you are the one setting fire to the fire in the dream, it may be a way for your mind to adjust to a new relationship or change, but if it is a recurring dream, it can be a sign that you feel abandoned or that there is some kind of resentment in the relationship. It’s your mind’s way of telling you that you need to have a conversation with your partner.

Poor sexual performance

Have you dreamed that you suck at sex? It may be a sign that you are feeling weak or helpless in another area of ​​your life at the time of the dream, not necessarily in the sexual area.

Sex with violence (and we’re not talking about BDSM)

Dreaming about an attack or a violent scenario may be a way to process trauma or a painful memory. Dream interpretation expert Kezia Vida says dreams can help you overcome trauma, even if it’s not the same one you experienced in the nightmare.

Sex with a disturbing monster or creature

“Dreaming of having sex with an alien or monster often represents a great opportunity to express yourself creatively in your waking life. If your intimate partner in the dream is a stranger, then exploring this opportunity may require you to put yourself in situations that seem quite strange and unusual,” says Dr. Ian Wallace, author of the book. Top 100 Dreams – The Dreams We All Have and What They Really Mean.

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The most common erotic dreams and their meaning

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