Near Toulouse: the Bagheera Yoga Club opens its doors

Yoga is on the rise in France. On the strength of this national enthusiasm, the Toulouse native Marie Valton co-created the Bagheera Yoga Club. Thanks to a trip to Bali, Marie Valton discovered yoga. Seduced by the discipline, she decides to follow three yoga trainings for his personal development. A teaching that made him want to pass on his knowledge: “The fact of training made me want to pass on my knowledge and do good to people”, confides, to The Independent Opinion, Mary Valton.

While a studio was available within the Sporting Form gym, Marie was offered to develop the activity of the place through the creation of a brand. Very quickly, Bagheera Yoga Club was born.

Bagheera Yoga club: three types of yoga offered

Within the club, three kinds of yoga are taught. Students can try their hand at Yin Yoga Candle. This is very gentle yoga. “We work on the relaxation of deep cognitive tissues. This is done in the dark with small candles”, specifies the co-creator of the Bagheera Yoga Club.

The second type of yoga is the most original. The studio actually offers courses in Flyheart Yoga which is a yoga session in the air using hammocks.

Flyheart Yoga does not require experience, even if it seems technical. I would say that you have to trust your teacher and your hammock above all, jokes Marie Valton and specifies: these courses are accompanied by aromatherapy, which is quite simply a therapy based on essential oils.

Finally, the room also offers Vinyasa yoga, certainly one of the best known. This is a sporty and gaining yoga. “With Vinyasa yoga, you alternate between breathing and movement, in a sort of sequence called a flow. The goal is to let yourself be carried away by the different postures, by the music and your breathing” explains Married.

For these three disciplines, no experience is required. “The goal is to practice at your own pace and not to challenge yourself. The 4 studio teachers adapt to the students”, specifies the Toulousaine.

Between urban decor and relaxation area

A former real estate broker, Marie Valton challenged herself to create a different and unique yoga studio. To do this, the decoration has been carefully chosen so as to create a relaxed atmosphere.

For example, we have a dim light, candles that light up the whole yoga studio. We also try to work with a little eclectic music: electro, hip-hop, pop etc. In a few words, I would say that the gym is quite urban and conducive to a moment of relaxation”, says Marie.

Since the opening of the studio on March 21, the co-creator of the place believes that demand is there. And for good reason, all Flyheart Yoga class are already full. “We have just opened new slots for the Flyheart and we will also reopen within a month.” Classes are offered either individually (€18) or in packs of 10 (€150) or 20 (€260) sessions, giving access to the Balneo area of ​​the Sporting Form club.

Currently, all 6:15 p.m. slots are open Monday through Thursday. Two slots at 7:30 p.m. are available on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. 12:15 p.m. lessons are available Monday through Friday. Finally, two sessions are offered at 10 a.m. on Tuesday and Thursday. “In the future, we would like to expand our evening slots every day, but also open slots in the morning for older people who need to do yoga,” says Marie.

>> Practical information

Bagheera Yoga Club

Sports Village Blagnac

18 Boulevard Alain Savary 31 1702 Blagnac

Tel: 05 34 40 50 60

Website : here.

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Near Toulouse: the Bagheera Yoga Club opens its doors

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