Here’s What These 8 Most Common Dreams Really Mean

While everyone has their own dream experiences, some very common dreams come up regularly with many of us. And it’s not for nothing: our brains want to tell us something. So here is the hidden meaning behind eight of the dreams we most frequently have.

Tfalling into the void, losing a tooth, being chased or pregnant… We’ve all done this kind of thing before. strange dreamsdestabilizing or (very) unpleasant, without necessarily knowing why. For some, it is moreover recurring nightmares or dreams, which Sigmund Freud called “typical dreams”. If they seem alarming at the time, they can especially question us about what our subconscious is trying to tell us. “It’s not unusual to have recurring dreams – most of us have them at some point in our lives,” he said. Glamour Theresa Cheung, author of Dictionary of dreams from A to Z. “They are highly meaningful and valuable for your personal developmentand potentially psychological gifts from your dreaming mind that should never be ignored.” So, according to her, here are some of the most common dreams along with their meanings.

The fall into the void

When in your dreams you are regularly falling into the void, you have to relate this to your daily life: do you feel supported and confident enough? Or do you feel like lose balance because of a possible overdose of stress, too much overwork or a lack of reliable and solid benchmarks? Because behind this dream hides reality a feeling of dreadfragility, weakness and loss of control. “Take the time to pause and focus on what’s really important,” advised Theresa Cheung.

back to school

If you find yourself in class in your dreams, it means that you constantly feel challenging and testing situation in your life, generally, professionally. More specifically, it means that you are anxious concerning the performance or the place you occupy in a hierarchy or to work. You don’t want to make mistakes or draw attention to your insecurities, but your mind, while you sleep, wants to remind you that being wrong – and learning from it – is the only way to learn. Your subconscious is trying to get you to reassurein short!

The exam not prepared

Arriving at an exam totally unprepared is one of some people’s worst nightmares. This dream particularly affects hardworking people and in search of performance. People who are often convinced that the preparation andself discipline are the key to success. If you have ever been subject to this kind of dream, it is because your subconscious wants to draw attention to them (too) high expectations you have of yourself. He wants to remind you that, while perfectionism is admirable, sometimes you just have to settle for “doing well” to be happy.

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The death of a loved one

The death of a loved one can be an extremely disturbing dream theme. But in the overwhelming majority of cases, this kind of dream simply indicates that your relationship dynamics change. Many parents have these dreams about their teenage children when they leave the family nest for their studies. This dream can also refer, depending on the deceased person, to the relationship you have with them. For example, if you dream that your mother diesit could mean that you are not feeding enough or that you don’t take enough care of yourself.

Your partner’s infidelity

Dreaming that your partner is cheating on you does not mean… that your partner is cheating on you, Theresa Cheung reassured. Unfaithfulness in dreams is an image of betrayal, contradiction and conflict of interest towards yourself. This therefore means that you live in a kind of opposition between a certain way of acting and thinking, represented by the cheating partner, and your personal will, represented by you. Thus, this dream of infidelity should make you aware of the different desires that exist within you and make a choice.

The falling teeth

Losing your teeth in a dream can have several interpretations. First of all, it may mean that you have fear of aging since, in our childhood, the fall of milk teeth is a sign of growth, explained the dream specialist. It can also translate a feeling of insecurity, anxietyanguish, shame and failurebut also the idea that you feel compromised in a group of people or in a situation that is not true to your values ​​and who you are.

The chase

When you feel chased in your sleep, it might be time to take action and take your responsibilities. Indeed, the faceless monsters and shadows that stalk you in our dreams usually represent the nervousness, anxiety, and stress that is overwhelming you in your life and that, usually, you flee. With this dream, your spirit is trying to tell you that it’s time toidentify this source of tension and find a way to manage itr.

The pregnancy

Same as cheating, just because you dream you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you really are. Besides, men also have this kind of dream. When our brain thinks of pregnancy overnight, it’s an image of desire taking shape that he sends to us. Whether it’s a project, a new start, an evolution or a new situation, it means in any case the idea of ​​an imminent change that could transform your life. It’s up to you to make this famous project mature and bring it to life!

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Here’s What These 8 Most Common Dreams Really Mean

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