Dream interpretation: the 7 most frequent symbols deciphered

Do these images haunt your dreams, a little, a lot, your nights? The story they tell you belongs to you, but each has a universal root that will give you keys to grasping its meaning.

All our dreams revolve around a main image. This one, springing from the history of each one, but also borrowed from the great library of our collective unconscious, symbolizes the needs, desires and most significant concerns of the moment. Hélène Renard, author of a Little Method to interpret your own dreams (Albin Michel), has developed a technique nourished by psychoanalysis and symbolism. For this, she invites you to say to yourself when you wake up: “I had a dream of…” And the key image imposes itself spontaneously – train, house, garden… If several are in competition, she recommends, to decide between them, to give a title to his dream, as if it were a film. For example, if you dreamed of a dog, a lake, and money, and you title it “the dog of the silver lake” (and not “the lake of the silver dog”), it is obvious that it is the dog, not the lake, which is your dominant image. Among the signs that appear most often during sleep, we have chosen those that Hélène Renard considers to be the seven most frequent themes. These keys do not lead to unequivocal interpretations, but they constitute the starting point for questions and associations specific to each person.

You dreamed of a house

It symbolizes you in your psychic and bodily dimension, and corresponds to the way you perceive yourself. Harmonious and pleasant, orderly or in relative disorder, it expresses good self-esteem, a balanced relationship with your body and good management of your affects. Dilapidated, upside down as if it had been broken into, it can indicate a difficult moment where conflicts and confusion reign. It is also interesting to observe which room(s) you occupy and in what state of mind, just as it is important to take into account the symbolism of each one: the kitchen as a place of transformation; the living room representing the exchanges; the bathroom, the relationship to the body and purification; the bedroom, the place of affects and sexuality; and the toilet, liberation.

You dreamed of a body

The dreamer generally represents a part of the body (the hands, the legs, the throat…), and this one emphasizes a difficulty. The first question will therefore focus on the function associated with this area (the hand and relationships, the legs and evolution, the throat and communication, etc.). Then observe the role and the state of this part of the body in your dream. Is the hand used to caress or to strike? Is she cured or mutilated? So many indications that will allow you to better identify your difficulties, your shortcomings or your contradictions. Among the most frequent “scenarios”: tooth loss. If they are healthy, this may indicate a lack of aggression in the dreamer; if they are spoiled or bare, it can be a release and a passage to a new cycle.

You dreamed of a baby

The baby is the symbol of the self, our essential being. Childbirth dreams express the announcement of a new birth to yourself or the realization of a project, a relationship that starts on new foundations or an encounter that will have an impact on the orientation of your life. Dreams that feature smiling and healthy babies testify to your ability to take care of your essential being, to listen to your existential and spiritual needs. On the other hand, a sad, dirty, neglected baby reflects your difficulty in treating yourself with respect and kindness. In the couple relationship, the baby is also likely to evoke the bond, satisfying or problematic. His death can be the symbol of an inner transformation towards more independence, maturity and freedom.

You dreamed of a money

An ingot, precious stones, wads of banknotes, gold coins… Don’t get me wrong, your dream does not announce you an unexpected win at the Lotto, but speaks of your real treasure: your inner wealth. Examine what you do with it in your dream: do you waste it? Do you savor it? Are you having it stolen? Do you covet her? Its use can give you valuable food for thought on how you manage (or not) your personal resources. What value do you place on yourself? What talents lie fallow? Are you being dominated by someone around you? Do you envy qualities in others? If your dream has a pronounced emphasis on images of gold or silver, perhaps you can read a certain tendency to devalue yourself in it.

You dreamed of animals

The meaning of this kind of dream is given to us by the main characteristic of the animal in the dream (it can be aggressive, sleepy, happy…), but also in our culture (the cat and independence, the dog and the fidelity, the serpent and change, the spider and danger, the eagle and power). It’s up to you to link its behavior and its symbolism to your own behavior and the difficulties you encounter in your life. Dreams about being chased by an ominous animal are, in general, a way of drawing your attention to a problem that you are having a hard time dealing with. Those who evoke change, inner transformation are often marked by the presence of the snake, which is also a figure of the libido, that is to say of sexuality and, more broadly, of your vital energy.

You dreamed of a car

It symbolizes how you conduct your life and how you conduct yourself in life. Hence the interest of questioning your behavior in the car from all angles. Are you careful or are you taking risks? Are you courteous or do you act as if you are alone in the world? Are you driving or are you being driven ? Do you have any accidents or not? If so, are you the victim or the perpetrator? If you are a passenger, are you in the front or the back?… So many elements that can shed light on your degree of independence, responsibility and maturity. The vehicle as an object is also worth considering: is it new, well maintained, dented or neglected? Is it a luxury car, in which you parade, or ordinary?

You dreamed of death

Contrary to popular belief, death in its various evocations (cemetery, coffin, burial, etc.) frequently symbolizes rebirth. It should therefore be considered as a strong incentive to evolve, to break with the behaviors and habits that make us stand still or that make us regress. The metamorphosis of being passes through losses, renunciations that are more or less easy to accept, but in a conscious journey: this symbolic death is the promise of a truer, fairer life. The cemetery, which is an in-between, halfway between the world of the living and that of the dead, represents a place of regeneration: it invites you, before choosing to get rid of it, to carefully examine everything that hinders you, reduces you and prevents life from circulating in you.

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Dream interpretation: the 7 most frequent symbols deciphered

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