The 6 Most Common Sex Dreams and Their Meanings

Maybe you are a little reluctant to let your dreams have any meaning and be indicative of something. What about sex dreams? Does dreaming of your co-worker mean you have feelings for him? We explain to you the meaning of the 6 most common sexual dreams.

Dreaming is independent of everyone’s will. Sometimes it’s easy to understand a dream because it’s related to something you’ve been through. But in some cases, you wake up wondering what’s wrong with your head. Stranger still, you sometimes have super hot dreams with an acquaintance or worse, an ex!

Why do we have sex dreams?

According to “Sleep Foundation“We spend an average of two hours a night dreaming, mostly in REM sleep. Some researchers say dreams help us anticipate things or better deal with stress and trauma. A Chinese study on the subject revealed that 70% of the participants had already had a sex-related dream. Most of our dreams are with people we know. There is little scientific research relating to sexual dreams, but some therapists and psychologists have their own theories about their meaning.

Lauri Loewenberg, dream analyst, explains to Mind Body Green that sexual dreams are not related to physical attraction, but to psychological attraction. If you feel desire for the other, it’s not a dream that will teach you, you already know that. It’s really the mentality of the person that attracts you. We have deciphered the meanings of the 6 most common sexual dreams.

1. Dreaming about having sex with your ex

If the breakup is recent, it means that you need to give yourself time to get used to your potential new partner. If you saw a photo of your ex or even worse, you came across the old one by chance, that can also explain this dream. If, on the other hand, the affair ended a long time ago, it could indicate that you have not grieved it or that you are not fulfilled in your new relationship. You can also try to understand your dreams by writing them down or by speaking with a professional who will be able to guide you.

2. Dreaming about sex with your teacher or boss

A dream related to sex with someone in authority can reveal that you seek approval from a responsible person or that you simply wish you had the qualities that person possesses such as power, respect and authority.

3. Dreaming of having sex with an acquaintance or friend

Like the previous example, having a dream where you have sex with someone close to you does not mean you have feelings for that person. You may even find this person unattractive. The meaning of this dream surely lies in the emotional connection you have with her. You may have had an intimate discussion with or you have the same values. This dream can also just mean that you feel a special connection with this person or that you want to get closer.

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4. Dreaming of having sex in a public place

Where you have sex matters in your dreams. According to the doctor of psychology August J. Cwik, a dream in a public place is the metaphor of union and connection. In fact, you feel good in this place and you can literally have an open heart there. It can also be a form of compensation for someone who is shy in public or suffers from social anxiety.

5. Dreams in which you don’t have sex

Sometimes you have a dream in which you are about to have sex, but for some reason you don’t make it that far. This dream can be a sign that you are going through something in your life that is difficult to deal with or accept. Armstrong Miyao, psychotherapist, explains to Bustle that he advises to ask yourself some questions about the other person present in the dream: what does this person represent for you and what is his character? You may be able to find if something you’re passionate about, but can’t fully commit to. “Be curious about the dream and see if there is a way to satisfy an open desire in real life,” Armstrong Miyao concludes.

6. Dreaming that you are cheating or that your partner is cheating on you

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to cheat on your partner or that they are cheating on you. It can mean that you feel insecurity and jealousy within your couple. If you are having this dream, it is not a bad idea to talk to your partner about your relationship.


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The 6 Most Common Sex Dreams and Their Meanings

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