Sleep: what are the most common dreams and what are their meanings?

by Jessica Meurens

Losing your teeth, seeing a snake, being pregnant… It seems that some dreams are quite recurrent and come back to many people. You are told what the most common dreams are and what they mean.

What do you dream of at night? If you often have the same kind of dream, don’t worry. Indeed, this is completely normal, especially when you know that some dreams are much more common than others… Erotic dreams, dreaming of losing your teeth, of your ex, etc.

Indeed, even if the themes vary, there are dreams that are particularly widespread. By the way, have you ever wondered what are the most common dreams in the world? That’s what wanted to find out morningsa British site specializing in sleep.

What are the most common dreams?

On this site, we discover what are the most common dreams around the world. To identify them, Google queries from 147 countries were analyzed. Thus, the site’s researchers translated the word “dream” into the language of each country and used a tool to see which dream was the subject of the most searches on Google.

Thus, they came to find out what are the most common dreams around the world.

  • The snakes : it seems that many people dream of snakes. This is the most common dream in more than a third of the countries surveyed (52/147). These dreams are particularly widespread in Eastern Europe as well as in certain regions of Asia and Africa or even in Brazil.
  • Losing your teeth: it is the second most common dream in the world. It is also number one in 17 countries, mainly in the North, such as Canada, the United States, England, Spain, but also Australia and New Zealand.

Then we also find the marriage (Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Bangladesh, Algeria, Congo, etc.), the babies or the pregnancy (Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Indonesia, Morocco, Tunisia, Tanzania, Bolivia, Jamaica, etc.), the ex-relationships (Japan, Mexico, Madagascar, etc.) and finally, the dead (Costa Rica, Hungary, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Mali, etc.)

And in Belgium?

And with us, what is the most common dream? It seems that we are in the most common dreams, because the one that is most searched on Google by Belgians is… Losing your teeth! Indeed, with 1,600 searches per month, it is the most common dream among us.

Our French neighbors, on the other hand, are a little more “original”, since they dream of… their ex-relations, with 9,500 Google searches per month.

What are the meanings of dreams?

  • Snakes: If you see or are bitten by a snake in your dreams, it may represent your hidden fears and worries. Your dreams might be trying to alert you to something in your life that you are not. conscious or which has not yet surfaced.
  • Losing your teeth: if you dream that your teeth are falling out, it could show a lack of self-confidence or shame about your flaws. If you act calm in your dreams, it could tell you how to make the best of every situation.
  • To be pregnant : if you dream that you are pregnant, it symbolizes an aspect of you that is growing or developing. It can also represent the birth of an idea, direction, project, or goal.
  • Marriage : if you dream of a wedding, it can mean commitment, harmony or transition. You are going through an important phase of development in your life. It can also represent the unification of opposite aspects of yourself.
  • Ex : if you dream about your ex, it suggests that someone in your current life is bringing out some of the feelings you had during that relationship. This can be a way of alerting you to similar behaviors in your current relationship.

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Sleep: what are the most common dreams and what are their meanings?

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