NIS Classics Volume 2 brings two more RPGs to Switch and PC

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NIS America is once again tapping into its catalog. NIS Classics Volume 2 is about to appear and give Nintendo Switch and PC owners a chance to play Makai Kingdom ZHP Unlosing Ranger vs. Darkdeath Evilman. These are two older games, although in the case of Makai Kingdom, there are also new elements for people outside Japan. What do you want to know? Let’s review everything related to the collection.

And Makai Kingdom on?

Overlord Zetta is an idiot. To prevent himself from destroying his Netherworld, he decides to get rid of the prophetic Sacred Book that predicted disaster. By doing so? He triggered the events. Which means he has to confine himself to the book to restore it. Zetta sets out on a quest to restore his Netherworld and himself, and in doing so, he grows greatly.

Like many early NIS games, this is a tactical RPG. However, it is not played on a grid like other titles. Instead, the characters have a sphere of movement. Once Zetta summons them, they can move around the field. They can then fight enemies, collect items to send to the hub to create new characters, or ride in vehicles to travel further and do more damage.

Facilities are also an important part of building your party. As well as serving functions on the map, like letting you buy items, they can do things like boost your characters’ attack or gain experience. Additionally, reincarnation is a big deal and a way to empower your party members so they can dish out the high damage NIS strategy games.

And ZHP on?

The world is about to end as Darkdeath Evilman, a major villain, is going to kidnap and destroy the super powerful Super Baby. The only person who can stop him is Unlosing Ranger. However, he was run over by a car as he raced to do the final battle. In his final moments, he imparted his powers and role to an unassuming spectator who showed up to duel. Darkdeath Evilman tramples the new Unlosing Ranger. Instead of dying, the new hero is taken to a hero training facility above the alternate reality Bizarro Earth. There, the player goes through random roguelike dungeons to become strong enough to save the day.

Like the others mystery dungeon roguelikes, players follow the new Unlosing Ranger through various random mazes. Each allows people to increase their power through body modifications, facilities, and total number of levels. Body modifications allow you to obtain items and place them on a grid to enhance the power of the Unlosing Ranger. It will also change the look of your avatar.

Facilities you build, which are unlocked by completing certain objectives and dying, can unlock new abilities. So if you die three times, you unlock a delivery ability that allows you to send items to storage in a dungeon, to preserve items you would otherwise lose upon dying. Obtaining a caravan by reaching level three will allow you to access other hub facilities or save. Total Level is an overall stat building system that takes the levels you gained before you die or complete a dungeon and adds them to the Unlosing Ranger’s “level 1” base. So even if you can die or finish an area and be at level 1 next time, your new level 1 will be stronger as a result.

Why is it a collection?

To be honest, I’m surprised Makai Kingdom was grouped with ZHPRather than Phantom BraveFor NIS Classics Volume 2. It is because both Makai Kingdom Phantom Brave have a lot in common. Both feature a system where characters move within a certain range, rather than on a grid. Each involves some sort of “containment” mechanic. Except here you take items from the central area and create a character based on that.

Which means it’s extremely weird to pack it with the roguelike ZHP! It’s not like the two originally released in the same time frame. Makai Kingdom first appeared on PS2 in 2005. ZHP appeared on the PSP in 2010. However, Makai Kingdom Portable – which this version is based on as it has the Petta storyline – appeared on the PSP in Japan in 2011. Maybe that’s why? Both games feature facilities as a gameplay element. Could that be part of it? I do not really know !

What makes these new releases special?

This is the first time both games have appeared on platforms other than their originals worldwide. Makai Kingdom only appeared on the PS2 everywhere. Its PSP port has not been located. As for ZHP, it was previously only released on PSP. So in both cases, NIS Classics Vol. 2 brings NISA games that haven’t been ported to death on both the Nintendo Switch and the PC. It’s a big problem !

But it’s Makai Kingdom that’s the real selling point here. When it appeared on PSP in Japan, it included a new storyline called Petta Mode. Think of it as an alternate tale of what could have been. We have already encountered it in localized games! She showed up in Disgaea 4, Disgaea 5and Disgaea D2. Now we finally see his origin story. It’s quite exciting! Especially since NISA went all out with not just English localization, but also English voice acting true to the original game.

What might we see in an NIS Classics Vol. 4?

NISA has already established that this will be a series regular. NIS Classics Vol. 1 featured Phantom Brave soul nomad. We’ve spent this entire article talking about the second volume. NIS Classics Vol. 3 will include The Maid: Ragnarök Rhapsody: a musical adventure. So what could we see in a NIS Classics Vol. 4?

Well, NISA has already whittled down its library of PS2 and PSP games. None of the collections shown so far Disgaea games or titles that have never been localized before. They also all involve only games developed by NIS. Unless we start getting into PS3 titles, I don’t think we’ll see a NIS Classics Vol. 4.

Prinny presents NIS Classics Volume 2, including Makai Kingdom ZHP Unlosing Ranger vs. Darkdeath Evilman, will arrive on Nintendo Switch on May 10, 2022 in North America and May 13, 2022 in Australia and Europe. Both games will be available separately on PC on May 10, 2022.

This article is automatically translated from the original language to your language. Do not hesitate to let us know if it contains translation errors so that we can correct them as soon as possible.

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NIS Classics Volume 2 brings two more RPGs to Switch and PC

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