Nine recurring dreams and how to interpret them

The vertiginous fall

Falling is one of the most common dreams. Few people will tell you that they have never experienced this unpleasant sensation. In fact, this dream reveals a feeling of insecurity or anxiety. Often the dreamer is overloaded and out of control. The only solution for him to unload all this weight is therefore quite naturally to let go.

The dead end room

Locked in, stuck, unable to move or move forward, the dreamer finds himself a prisoner. In reality, this archetype is often a reflection of the reality where you feel blocked in the evolution of your active or psychic life. This kind of scary, dead-end dream often turns into a recurring nightmare. To prevent this one from happening again, the solution would be to think about the problem you are facing in real life and think about the different possibilities to solve it.

tooth loss

The unbearable feeling of losing your teeth, many people know it. And very often, everyone checks when they wake up that their canines and other incisors are still in their place. Teeth symbolize confidence and power. This kind of dream simply translates your feelings about an event that made you lose confidence in yourself. To avoid having to lose all your teeth again, analyze the situation that caused this breach of trust and above all, do not remain helpless, see it as a challenge.

The unknown place

Like the dream of confinement, this type of dream translates a lack of control in an unknown environment. It can be at work or in an emotional relationship. The only solution to get rid of this dream is not to run away from your emotions and above all not to repress them.

public nudity

Do your dreams often end in Adam’s or Eve’s outfit? Look no further, it just means you are in a situation where you feel helpless and vulnerable. Since clothes give us personality, confidence and confidence, nudity naturally suggests your disarmament in the face of a situation or an event.

The pursuit

Frightened, you find yourself chased by a faceless killer, a monster or other strange creatures of your imagination. Again, this dream results from powerlessness in the face of a momentous choice or decision. Torn between several issues, you repress the problem and you then find yourself faced with this serial killer who is chasing you. The solution could be to change course, to pursue your personal ambitions or to focus on the essentials to repair your flaw.

The erotic dream

It represents only 3% of our dreams and yet they are the ones we remember every time. And yes, the pulsations and emotions attached to them make you memorize them more than the others. This dream that gives you sweats is in fact the reflection of a completely different reality where your desires are unfulfilled and where your fantasies are unacknowledged. If you appear often in this kind of dream, it can also indicate a desire for reconciliation with a part of you that you refuse and do not accept.

The flight of a bird

Ah! Flying… What a feeling of freedom and fullness. Although, it all depends on whether you are skimming the ground, flying at full speed or in slow motion. This aerial escapade can mean many things, so it must be analyzed well. It can reflect a feeling of freedom as well as a need to escape. Or, reflect a relief or even a real handicap.

The car accident

The car simply represents your ability to make steady progress towards a specific goal. The accident therefore means that you are blocked in your progress. A piece of advice, stop focusing on control, detach yourself from this constant pressure to allow your instincts to take the best path for you.

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Nine recurring dreams and how to interpret them

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