Dreaming of death: what interpretation?

Your heart pounding in your chest, your face moist: you have just dream of death. Yours, someone else’s, whatever, you’ll have done well without this nightmare that will haunt you for the rest of the night. What if this dream was not an ominous bird, but a way for our spirit to tell us things? We tell you everything.

Dreaming of death: an indication of changes in your life?

Contrary to what one would be tempted to think, dreaming of death is not something negative. It is often the symbol of the passage of time and the changes that operate in our lives.

Dreaming of the announcement of his death is a sign of important changes to come. This can be personal, emotional or professional transformations. In any case, it indicates that your personality is on the move. If your death is violent, it symbolizes a real upheaval that may occur unexpectedly in your life.

If, in addition to your death, you dream of your funeral, which many people attend, it indicates that those around you expect changes from you. This interpretation is also valid in the event that you are mortally wounded and there is no one to assist you. You are indirectly invited to review your judgments and your attitudes.

Dreaming about the death of someone you love and particularly of his parents is the sign, here too, of great transformations in our lives. It can also refer to a desire to be more independent and to take control of your life. Whether in the present or in the near future, a revival is pointing the tip of its nose.

If your dream revolves around the death of a child, it is a way to encourage you to be more mature in your decisions. The death of a child symbolizes the transition to adulthood. It’s a way to inspire you to grow and gain wisdom.

Thus, dreaming of death is, in most cases, far from negative. This sometimes traumatic dream often indicates a second wind.

Dreaming of the death of a loved one, a sign of a questioning to be done

Dreaming about the death of your spouse or a loved one can be quite traumatic. But rest assured, this does not mean that the person will die. To understand what this dream is trying to tell you, you need to determine the dominant character trait of the deceased. If for you, the person who dies represents the joy of living and cheerfulness, it means that this part of him is in the process of being extinguished in favor of other traits of his personality.

If this change is positive, try to support it as best you can. On the contrary, if the character trait that tends to evaporate is useful for the person, try to talk to him about it.

The death of a loved one can also be a way for our unconscious to alert us to a potential disappointment to come. Dream about the death of a living person can be a way to open our eyes to a loved one who is not so benevolent after all.

If in your dream you touched a dead person, this indicates a possible significant loss of money. It may be a warning to encourage you to manage your money better.

Dream of watching over a dead person symbolizes the guilt one feels after a bad judgment or bad action. In this case, we encourage you to apologize to the person affected by your attitude.

To dream of a dead person in his own bed signifies the rupture and the presence of a deep sadness in us, the bed being an intimate place and the symbol of our heart.

As for dreams of violent deaths, with monster attacks for example, they often reflect our fear of something: our judgment must then be reviewed.

Can dreaming of death mean a good omen?

Dreaming of death can also announce good omens. Thereby, dream of a dead person coming back to life may be a harbinger of happiness: you will attract luck.

If in addition they speak to us, we must listen to their advice. Their voice is that of wisdom and benevolence. This kind of dream often occurs when we live a complicated period or doubt during which we need comfort.

Dreaming of your own death can also announce a change that will fill us with joy: a new job, a new partner, an unexpected trip…

Even though dreaming of a dead baby is extremely traumatic, yet the meaning of this dream is often the end of our worries and troubles.

When we dream that we are burying a dead person, known or unknown, it often means that we have overcome or are going to overcome people who put barriers on us and prevent us from moving forward.

If you come across the grim reaper in one of your dreams, even if it is scary, it is a sign of good luck, wealth and success.

As you will have understood, dreaming of death is not as serious as it sounds. It is more of a symbolic dream that indicates a phase of change.

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Dreaming of death: what interpretation?

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