Meaning of dreams: dreaming of failure

Dreaming of failing an exam or during a job interview… Is it really a bad omen? Getty Images

Dreaming about missing your job interview or an exam can be quite distressing. But is this really a bad omen?

It is common to dream of failure before an exam, an interview, an event where one will be judged or even without special circumstances. The failure in your dream can concern an exam, but also any project, professional, financial, emotional, life, etc. Is this kind of dream premonitory? Nothing is less sure…

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Dreaming about failing before a real exam

According to a study, failing an exam in a dream is a guarantee of success and not a premonition. This is a sign that you are well prepared for your exam and that you have every chance of passing it. Students were interviewed after their exam, and it turns out that 60% of them remember having dreamed about it the day before it. For 78% of them, they dreamed that they were failing. For the most part, the opposite happened: they got very good marks.
Dreaming of failure prepares the brain to face difficulties and threats, we are then ready to face them more serenely and to overcome them. This kind of dream also makes you more confident and calm, past the night anxiety. We are relieved that the dream is not the reality which then seems sweeter to us.

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Dream about failing a virtual exam

We can also dream that we fail an exam when we have no test to pass in reality. This then translates a feeling of being put to the test which generates anxiety and nervousness. Very often, we dream that we arrive late for the test, that we cannot finish it on time or that we do not understand anything on a test written for example in another language. This marks a lack of confidence and self-esteem, we do not feel up to it. It can also reveal that we have a test to face, but that we do not feel prepared for it. Failing an exam in a dream can also mean that we are judged and that this must lead us to question ourselves.

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The dream of failure as a bad omen

Dreaming of a failure of any kind can mean that our projects will not succeed, we will not achieve our goals. It also reflects a certain lack of self-confidence, we always expect the worst from ourselves and we do not feel up to what others expect of us. Failure in dreams can also show us that we have mismanaged our projects because of our anxiety and our inability to bear the pressure of success that we have put on ourselves or that we have been imposed on us. Don’t give in to fear or succumb to pressure. Seeing someone else fail warns us and prompts us to be more careful ourselves. Failure in a dream can also be related to the love domain and indicate to us that we risk breaking a heart.

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Meaning of dreams: dreaming of failure

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