11 names for girls and boys that can be read both ways

Everything is almost ready for the long-awaited arrival of your baby. Her clothes and diapers are already stored in their designated drawers. Her room is already impeccably decorated with teddy bears, a toy chest, and a super-comfortable bed. Only downside, you still haven’t found the ideal and above all very original first name for your future newborn. Why not opt ​​for a palindrome first name? Discover some original and singular names to which you may give in.

Why choose a palindrome first name?

Assigning a first name to your child is not an easy task. The first name is not a simple label that we would stick on the forehead of a child. It represents, for the parents, a whole symbolism and maybe even the beginning of a brilliant destiny. It’s not for nothing that many first names have special meanings! So, for parents looking for originality and meaning, we offer you some palindrome first names for your boy or girl.

Natan or Nattan

If the lucky winner is a boy why not opt ​​for Natan or Nattan (even if the most common spelling used for this first name remains Nathan). Of Hebrew origin, the first name Natan is relatively widespread in France. The little Natans have a reputation for being curious and certainly not lacking in pursuit of their dreams.

If that doesn’t convince you enough, don’t forget that some Natans made history! We think in particular of Nathan Gutman, the French painter and lithographer of the 20e century.


Also dof Hebrew origin with a Breton and Celtic style, Anna means “grace”. Some will say that the name Anna is classic, but those who bear it will prove you wrong. They are hardworking, determined and love a challenge.. As children, they appreciate cultural outings and refuse idleness. In short, you will never be bored with them!


Straight from Germany, Otto means wealth and prosperity. A first name that is not widely used in France for our taste, since the person who wears it has very good qualities. Otto is above all a creative and daring person. Above all, she is full of generosity and attentive, although sometimes a little stubborn.


Do you hope that your baby will grow up gently and optimistically? Call her Eve! Eve is the derivative of Hawwâh, means give life in Hebrew. This meaning is not insignificant since in fact the Eve are known for their endearing and cozy nature.


Just like Eve, Eva means “life, giving life” in Hebrew. They are usually empathetic, loving and ambitious. So, if you are looking for a symbolic first name with meaning, succumb to the Hebrew sweetness of Ava.


Derived from Robert, Bob means “glory” in German. It refers to many saints who made the history of France, Germany and England. And if they marked their century, it is indeed thanks to their intuitive, dedicated, demanding and generous characters. Although this name is no longer in fashion these days, your child could bring it up to date.


Ayah, “bird of prey” in Hebrew, is creative, bold and imaginative. She stops at nothing and goes to great lengths to achieve her goals. Aya Cissoko (boxer, born in 1978), Aya Terakawa (swimmer, born in 1984), or even Aya Ueto (actress and singer, born in 1985), show us that they carry these qualities well.


And if you opt for an Arabic first name? Besides its strong meaning, “loved by the gods” in Arabicthe Aziza are determined and challenge-loving women. All her qualities make us think in particular of Aziza Othman, a Tunisian princess of the beylical dynasty known for her compassion for the poorest.

Ada or Adda

If you are destining your child for great things, you will be served. Derived from Edith, those who bore the first name of Ada marked history with their intelligence and audacity. We think directly of Ada Lovelace, the emblematic figure of computer prehistory. She is considered the creator of the very first computer and has developed a mathematical language that bears her own first name: Ada language!

Ivy or Ivi

An English name that promises an artistic future for your future child. Ivy or Ivi, is an adventurous, curious and reckless person. With a little encouragement, she’ll make all those dreams come true and maybe become the next Ivy Queen.


As rare as it is original, Aissia is the one who comforts and heals, in Arabic. She wants to be generous and cuddly. by nature sensitive and endearingshe loves challenges and never fails to achieve her goals.

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11 names for girls and boys that can be read both ways

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