Dreaming of being chased: what possible interpretations?

Dream about being chased is often stressful. The scenario is often the same. A person, whose face it is difficult to distinguish, is chasing us. Fear in the stomach, we run, trying to escape him. “VSis a very recurrent dream that we have all had before. time”assures Sylvane Her handanalyst Jungian dreams and sophrologist. Indeed, this type of dream is not entirely original. We see it in many film scripts. The analyst explains to us what this dream means.

Dreaming of being chased: a sign to question your dark side

“What Is this part of me that absolutely wants to catch up with me?» This is the question that should be asked if we dream of escaping of somebodyaccording to the specialist. The person running after us could be the personification of a part of us that we are trying to escape. A past that we want to bury. Memories we want to forget. “Our part of the shadow wants to catch up with us, it wants to be heard”, explains Sylvane Her hand. For the jungiansthe distance that separates the dreamer from what pursues him, can give an indication of the degree of acceptance that separates the dreamer from his dark side.

On the side of the Freudians, dream of being chased by someone is more associated with feeling of anxiety felt in waking life. The dreamer is tense. He or she finds it difficult to cope with his or her desires and his desires. It is his own impulses that run after him.

Dream of being chased by a man: what interpretation?

The gender of the person running after us can have an influence in the interpretation of the dream. It is essential to start from the principle that all the elements are analyzable. “When a therapist Jungian works on a dream, he will question the whole dream and not just a part, he will also make the link with all the dreams that have already been analyzed previously”, recalls the specialist.

Dream about being chased by a man can reflect a poor image of masculinity. This is valid regardless of the gender of the dreamer. It is therefore essential to question the image we have of men. “That may refer to a terrorizing father, for example”says Sylvane Her hand. In the case where it is a woman who pursues us, she can symbolize the relationship with our mother.

Moving forward by analyzing the message sent by pursuit dreams

There is no doubt : this dream is distressing, especially when it is done many times. But contrary to what one might think, our dreams never wish us any harm. “In the philosophy Jungianthe mission of dreams is to make us grow from the interior»explains the analyst. According to her, “vs‘is the self which is expressed through our dreams».

Dreaming of being chased by someone, like the mostly of other dreams, is a invitation to introspection. “He is essential to ask ourselves what part of the shadows we are hiding,” she adds. It can be related to memories, traumas, experiences or fears that it is high time to face.

In case you have dreamed of being chased by a killerknow that this is not necessarily negative. “That can even represent a Renaissance”reassures the analyst.

What interpretation if I dream of chasing someone?

The scenario can also be reversed: I dream of running behind someone. In this case, the interpretation is different. “He we have to wonder about what represents in our eyes the person behind whom we short”advises the specialist. In the majority of cases, it will be an individual that we know.

You have to ask yourself what qualities we want to take from he she and what they can bring us. In any case, the analysis of dreams, as Sylvane reminds us Her handrelates to dream cycles. It is, in fact, difficult, if not impossible, to analyze a very small isolated dream. “One cannot be interested in a dream from time to time. time and tell ourselves that we have understood everything”, she concludes.

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Dreaming of being chased: what possible interpretations?

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