Dreaming of the same person several times: what interpretations?

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Globally, dreaming of the same person multiple times nothing to worry about. This is simply an invitation to reflection. “Your subconscious sends you a signal to allow you to analyze something of which you are not aware”, explains Juliet was going, author, psychotherapist and analyst Jungian. Dreaming several times about a person who is in … Read more

Dreaming of being chased: what possible interpretations?

Dreaming of being chased what possible interpretations

Dream about being chased is often stressful. The scenario is often the same. A person, whose face it is difficult to distinguish, is chasing us. Fear in the stomach, we run, trying to escape him. “VSis a very recurrent dream that we have all had before. time”assures Sylvane Her handanalyst Jungian dreams and sophrologist. Indeed, … Read more

Naked in Public, Falling, First Love, Falling Teeth: 9 Common Dream Interpretations

You’ve probably heard that sleep is essential. Indeed, a good night’s sleep can reduce your risk of: – heart disease– depression– diabetes A lesser known benefit of sleep is that it opens a window into the world of the unconscious. It lets you access what some experts call your “inner therapist.” In other words: your … Read more

Dreaming of an argument: what interpretations?

Dream about arguing with someone is never very pleasant. This type of dream often involves a state of agitation which can also cause a sudden awakening. But are dreams of conflict really “bad dreams”? What message is your subconscious sending? Decryption of possible dreamlike interpretations. What does the argument symbolize in a dream? The argument … Read more