Dreaming of being chased: what possible interpretations?

Dreaming of being chased what possible interpretations

Dream about being chased is often stressful. The scenario is often the same. A person, whose face it is difficult to distinguish, is chasing us. Fear in the stomach, we run, trying to escape him. “VSis a very recurrent dream that we have all had before. time”assures Sylvane Her handanalyst Jungian dreams and sophrologist. Indeed, … Read more

Dreaming of being chased: meaning of this stressful dream!

Recurring dreams should not be taken lightly. Researchers and psychologists claim that these dreams are experienced when our subconscious tries to send us a message and establish a connection with our conscious mind. Understanding and analyzing what happens in our dreams helps to solve problems that concern us in our daily lives. Dreaming of being … Read more