Do you often dream of death or illness? Here’s what that means.

Have you dreamed of death, illness, disaster or even a coffin? Don’t panic, we’ll explain what that means!

During the entire period of confinement, did you have strange dreams? You chained the nightmares? Have you dreamed more than usual, more intensely? Don’t panic: it’s normal.

At the beginning of April 2020, a team from the Lyon Neuroscience Research Center launched a large study to observe the consequences of the Covid-19 epidemic on sleep and dreams.

Verdict? The coronavirus epidemic has indeed had an impact on our dream life. In summary, we had more intense dreams, and with well-marked themes: illness, hospital, death, suffocation, isolation… but also parties and social interactions.

Nothing rocket science there, as explained by Perrine Ruby, director of the study, interviewed by our colleagues from Latest News from Alsace (DNA) : “there is probably a cathartic side – the very painful emotions that we experience during the day are expressed through dreams – and there is also the compensation side: everything that we cannot experience during the day, we lives in dreams.

The dream, a messenger from the unconscious

Psychoanalysis believes that the dream is the territory of the unconscious: it is there that the desires and fears that we dare not face can be expressed, the tensions and emotions accumulated during the day, but also our psychic sufferings – whether they are conscious or not.

Fantastic creatures, everyday situations, famous figures… The unconscious expresses itself through symbols – thus, suffering from cancer in a dream can refer to an undigested past trauma. By understanding these encrypted messages, you can work on yourself… and progress on the path to well-being! Small dictionary to (oneself) understand.

To read :What your dreams say – Miguel Menning, ed. Eyrolles.

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Do you often dream of death or illness? Here’s what that means.

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