5 tips for better remembering your dreams

Take time in the morning

The most interesting dreams when working on yourself are dreams that occur during REM sleep, the last phase of the sleep cycle. We usually remember the dreams we have when we wake up, whether between two sleep cycles or in the morning.

Therefore, if you can, in the morning, before emerging and projecting yourself into your day, take the time to linger in your bed, eyes still closed, to stay connected to your dream, to remember it. When you have just woken up, it is possible to wonder about what you dreamed of. Write it down as soon as you decide to open your eyes.

Thanks to Tristan Moir, psychoanalyst and orinotherapist, for his advice and explanations.

Tristan-Frédéric Moir is the author of dictionary of dreams that can be consulted on Psychologies.com. He is also the founder of the EVER method to train in the language of dreams. His website: tristan-moir.fr.

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5 tips for better remembering your dreams

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