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Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to own your weight in crystals or even master the art of the pendulum to try to read the future or answer a question. For recreational divination, a bowl of water, a candle or even a dice are more than enough. Provided you follow two golden rules: only ask closed questions and don’t take it all too seriously.

Lychnomancy: all it takes is a spark

This practice consists in interpreting the movements of the flame of a candle. Is yours struggling to turn on? Maybe you’re not ready or it’s not the time to call on her. If, on the contrary, it refuses to go out like a diabolical magic candle, ask another question: it is all ears. A flickering flame is a sign that you are spreading yourself thin: reformulate. If, on the contrary, it burns strongly and constantly, it means “yes” or “nothing to report, everything is fine”. On the contrary, if it is weak, it can mean a “no”, obstacles or… a lack of energy. A nap is ideal.

Lebanonomancy: Gone with the Smoke

Without any connection with Lebanon, this method invites you to light the incense of your choice and interpret the smoke. First of all: close your windows to prevent a breeze from biasing the response and control your breathing if you are near the scrolls. Ask yourself your question when lighting up. The resulting smoke is tall and straight? The answer is a yes. If the smoke disperses halfway, it indicates you are the one dispersed. If it moves to the left, the omen is mixed but rather negative, and rather positive to the right. Last step: don’t forget to give it a good airing.

Lecanomancy: the future in a bowl of water

Here, all you need is a container of water and a small object heavy enough not to float. If you have type crystals moon stone, it’s even better. Once you have thought about your question, drop the chosen object into the water. Then observe the ripples that are created on the surface and count them: if they are an even number, the answer to your question is yes. In odd numbers, the answer is a no. If your container starts to vibrate, seems to move or shows small ripples: you are near a Tyrannosaurus Rex or you have watched too much “Jurassic Park”.

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Kybomancy: the future in a roll of the dice

In this game, all dice are allowed: six faces, eight faces or even ten or twelve, a single die or several. But here we will focus on the easiest and most accessible technique, with a classic six-sided die, taken from the family Monopoly box. After concentrating on your question, roll the die. The “one” means yes and the two means no. The three “be careful” and the four “think carefully”. The five wishes you “good luck” while the six sings to you, like France Gall: “Obviously”.

Bibliomancy: on each page its omen

Your inner Hermione Granger has waited her whole life to be introduced to bibliomancy. The principle is playful: to answer your question, grab any book that comes to hand and open it to a page, at random. Bonus point if you try at a bookstore or library with unfamiliar books. The first word or sentence you come across would then answer your question. We admit it, the results are more fun to read with one of the volumes of “Harry Potter” or another novel than with a political essay.

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Five easy-to-test divination techniques – Elle

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