We finally know who will be our teachers at Hogwarts in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy is probably one (if not the) of the most anticipated games in 2023. Scheduled for February 10, the game is gradually being revealed with various announcements and gameplay presentation videos of the game open-world taking place in the universe of Harry Potter. The latest to date have shown us, for example, part of the future teaching team who will teach us magic this winter.

Since the story of Hogwarts Legacthere takes place almost 200 years before the original story of Harry Potter, we will not find the teachers from the books and films, though. A brief overview of the teachers’ room.

One of the first teachers announced is Abraham Ronen, Professor of Charms. Despite his Slytherin house, he has a rather jovial mood and does not hesitate to integrate many games (including one called Bavboules) into his teaching method. Basically, it’s a bit like the techno teacher who let you play Snake instead of moving forward on your glowing keychain.

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Hopefully for Dinah Hecat the position of Defense Against the Dark Arts professor wasn’t already cursed at the time. This stern but fair Ravenclaw would have passed through the Ministry of Magic before deciding to end her career in teaching. Don’t be fooled by appearances: Hecat would particularly appreciate the teaching practice in his lessons. In which circumstances ? We don’t know, but we keep the number of the academic inspection just in case.

The botany professor’s name is Mirabel Garlick, and we hope her breath smells more like her first name than her last name. She’s a Muggle-born (no kidding) Hufflepuff who has found a (real) second home in Hogwarts. Constantly playful and making a thousand references to flowers in her replies, she also takes up all the codes of the plastic arts teacher Babos and we would not be surprised if she is very keen on the Montessori method.

Little flow for Aesop Sharp, potions teacher from Slytherin house. Former Auror at the Ministry of Magic, he has the bottle, or rather the flask (you have it?). Unfortunately, an injury prevented him from redoing missions in the field – the crusaders, you know. So he went to Hogwarts to pass on his experience to the younger generation and probably to tell them about all his traumas, since he doesn’t seem to have anyone else to talk to.

And it’s not over…

There are still many teachers to meet, even if it is not yet known what subjects will be taught. We do know, however, that there is a broomstick flight class to be able to learn how to use this means of transport, and we have seen, in trailers, a room of divination – but not sure that there is one associated course.

Also, the history of magic would be taught by a ghost. It is probably that of Professor Binns, which would make it one of the few direct links with the original story of Harry Potter – at the same time, 200 years less or more, it does not show on a mind.

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We finally know who will be our teachers at Hogwarts in Hogwarts Legacy

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