Yoga and Spirituality: a daily practice with Yogafirejo

Joanna, yoga teacher and author, talks to us about yoga, spirituality and postures. Many people practice yoga for what it does for the body. However, few are those who study the spiritual aspect of this practice. A practice that has a lot to offer us in this fast-paced world.

What if, beyond religions, the spirituality of yoga was the missing piece of our puzzle? Joanna tells us how she came to yoga and her journey to her practice today.

Sadhana: daily devotion

It’s about having a regular practice, a habit of life, to learn something from it, every day. This daily practice of yoga will help cultivate the presence and awareness of our inner being.

Joanna explains the importance of regularity in our practice. Notably because regularity brings quality. This in the same way as any learning but to which is added for her the devotion.


Devotion can be a connection to nature, to the universe or to one’s own self-confidence, without being linked to religion. Everyone can find their own devotion, regardless of their spirituality. This can include times of meditation and gratitude, and just learning to find peace and calm within.

There is often confusion between religion and spirituality. However, spirituality being a very personal thing, it depends on each one, it has multiple facets. Joanna, on the other hand, finds her spirituality in nature and the elements that surround her, which offers her a deep connection with the environment and the cycle of the seasons.

Sankalpa: the seed

Sankalpa is the intention that we put at the beginning of our practice: our dearest wish. A seed that you plant, which will mature into your reality. It is “an intention that feeds our conviction.”

Can creating a Sankalpa improve our daily practice, our motivation? Joanna, who feeds on this practice, gives us her vision of the usefulness of a Sankalpa. How do we put it into practice and until when? What discipline should we impose on ourselves?

Creating an environment for daily practice: discipline

When talking about daily yoga practice, discipline also comes into play. Creating ritual space can really help you keep our daily yoga practice disciplined. A cocoon to help you get into the yoga mindset before each practice.

But what happens when we “miss” a session in our daily routine. Joanna gives us her advice with benevolence, so as not to give up her practice, and even to resume it while being in agreement with yourself and your body.

Yoga and Spirituality a daily practice with Yogafirejo
Nhu-Linh Ha / YogaFireByJo

“Sthira Sukham Asanam”

A posture must be stable and comfortable…

Verse 2.46 – Sutras of Patanjali

“Prayatna Saithilya Ananta Samapatibhyam”

.. it reveals itself through relaxation of effort or absorption into the Infinite.

Verse 2.47 – Sutras of Patanjali

These Sutras are the good summary of a complete yoga session. Stimulate – Circulate – Release, hence the importance of Savasana (reclining posture) and relaxation.

Progression in yoga involves becoming more flexible and being able to go further in postures. And discipline leads to regularity, which leads to this progression, it will help you improve and achieve more advanced postures. But what do we mean by going beyond a posture? Doesn’t going deeper and further in the posture mean going beyond the physical to enter the spiritual? How is the connection of posture and mind made?

Practice and spirituality with Yogafirejo

Joanna therefore allows us in this program, but also in his book “Le yoga” published by Améthyste, to discover his vision of yoga. She adapts physical practices to the seasons, bodies and emotions: a yoga that soothes and makes you grow.

Convinced that there is a form of Yoga for everyone, and a posture for all ailments. She offers, through her own routines, different ways to connect with yourself, to discover yourself by opening up to the spirituality of yoga, without having to choose between religion and spirituality.

If the two can be one, they can also coexist independently. For Joanna, it’s the magic of yoga. She also has a YouTube channel to allow us to practice à la carte from home. Depending on her mood, the time available or the seasons, Joanna always has a suitable proposal.

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Yoga and Spirituality: a daily practice with Yogafirejo

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