New Moon November 23, 2022: The Best Time of Year to Fulfill Your Wildest Dreams

In recent weeks, you have the impression that a steamroller is wringing you out and that bad news is linked?

With eclipse season – freshly over since full moon November 8, 2022 -, and with Mars in retrograde, the sky at the end of 2022 is particularly turbulent. A celestial upheaval that logically comes to shake our lives.

And the new moon of November 23, 2022, installed in adventurous Sagittarius, will not be the respite we have been waiting for. Nevertheless, a wave of positivity should sweep over the Zodiac. On the program “vitality, passion and excitement”provides astrologer Lisa Stardustfor Refinery 29.

The optimism of Sagittarius at the heart of the new moon

This lunation will be at its peak in the metropolitan sky at 11:57 p.m. on Wednesday evening. If, to the naked eye, she will be imperceptible, her energy infused with the ardor of Sagittarius will be felt.

“This particular new moon is known for tap into your more adventurous side”, assures astro-journalist Maressa Brown for instyle. “Sagittarius energy is all about aiming high and aiming for the stars,” adds Nina Kahn, astrologerfor Bustle.

As a result, this wind filled with recklessness could encourage us to get out of our comfort zone not only in the days to come, but also in the coming months, argue the experts of the stars.

Brimming with fiery optimism and an insatiable thirst for life, this new moon encourages us to expand our personal horizons, seek higher knowledge and embark on exciting adventures and which make the heart grow”, summarizes Maressa Brown.

A lunation under the sign of manifestation

In addition to this particularly positive energy, the sun, the moon and Sagittarius will form a “trine aspect” in the sky with the abundant Jupiter, “the ruling planet of the arc sign”, reminds Nina Kahn.

The ringed planet will add some glitter to this new moon already charged with an almost magical power. “She grants to all signs of the Zodiac good luck, great opportunities and much power of manifestation“, continues the specialist.

For Maressa Brown, there is no doubt that this is “the best time to demonstrate this year”.

“Jupiter ending its retrograde journey that began on July 28 minutes after the new moon, we will feel the intense change and the urge to move forward. Abundance, prosperity, audacity and extravagance are there. Embrace the bountiful vibe of the fire sign and Jupiter by helping those in need by donating to the charity of your choice, expanding our minds with knowledge, and fighting for the rights of others (ensure (please include yourself as well)”, completes Lisa Stardust.

As you will have understood, the watchword for this end of November is optimism. “The energy of Sagittarius has no limits: do you feel lucky? Buy a lottery ticket, it’s now or never”, underlines the astrologer of Refinery 29.

New moon of November 23, 2022: what effects on my astro sign?

Mars, your ruling planet, is in retrograde, dear. Ram, and you feel it pass. With this new moon, you receive a few days of respite from heaven. You find your energy and your desire, enough to recharge your batteries before the last straight line of 2022.

Bull, the latest celestial movements have forced you to sort out your relationships. Nourished by truths and a safe environment, you will be tempted toface your fears, to end a cycle of things left unsaid. This energy will be saving, but be sure to go about it with moderation, so as not to regret certain hasty decisions.

Changes in love are to be expected among the Gemini. A new couple dynamic (moving in, marriage proposal, etc.) or a budding love makes you smile. If you normally tend to think twice before starting, in the next few days, spontaneity will characterize you.

the Cancer bored. Are you fed up with tiresome metro-work-sleep, then it’s time to shake up your habits to recover some semblance of envy. Rearrange your schedule to make time for yourself, or simply drop the agenda. Sometimes the unexpected is good.

You will be inspired by the magical nature of this lunation, Lion. Passion, romance and joy on the program for you. Take advantage of this creative momentum to relaunch certain projects put on hold in the whirlwind of the new school year. Now is the perfect time to get started.

The adventure won’t be far from home, Virgin. The new moon in Sagittarius makes you want to do everything to feel at home. A need for moving or renovation is felt.

Balance, you are under this new moon. You’re going to have the ability – and the courage – to say things you usually keep to yourself. Request for a raisedeclaration of love, thorny subject… Prepare your arguments, important conversations await you.

Passed near or by you, the eclipses of October and the beginning of November shook you. Scorpio. In this lunation, you find a salutary celestial movement that will bring you abundance and happiness. Manifest your wildest dreams, you’ve earned a little bliss.

It’s your time, Sagittarius. And what a season opener this mystical and positive lunation makes you! Get ready to see the opportunities pile up. Over the next few days, there will be a lot of knocking on your door. Believe in yourself and your lucky stars, you have every reason to be optimistic.

Leave aside your professional seriousness for a few days, Capricorn. All year long, you are preoccupied with your career, but at the end of November, a spiritual awakening awaits you. To recharge your batteries and embrace your freedom of spirit, get rid of professional stress. Achievements could dawn and make you end the year where you never imagined.

This lunation is a good omen for the Aquarius. You will feel free and energetic. There will be changes within your social groups, new connections, both friendly and romantic, should brighten up your end of the year.

Flattened by a capricious planetary re-entry, the new moon in Sagittarius re-energizes Pisces. To take full advantage of this renewed vitality, you will want to travel. Plan your next vacation, dreaming of your ideal destination. The stars are with you to make your aspirations come true.

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New Moon November 23, 2022: The Best Time of Year to Fulfill Your Wildest Dreams

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