Astro: These 3 signs are going to have a GREAT weekend, here’s why!

This Sunday, May 22, 2022 a planetary movement very beneficial will take place in the firmament: a sextile between Mars and Pluto. This harmonic aspect will come to help our consciences, tired by Mercury in Retrograde and the Full Moon in Scorpio of last week.

An aspect that will give you a good boost to end the weekend full of energy and start the week full of motivation.

Astro: sextile between Mars and Pluto, quesaco?

To better understand how this aspect will affect you, you must first know its protagonists.

Mars, star of action and ruler of the sign of Ram is a personal planet that plays a key role in our ability to make decisions and implement them so that they become concrete actions.

Pluto, planet that governs the sign of Scorpio, affects consciousness collectively and unconsciously. It represents transformation and symbolic death, that is, what must end for renewal to arise in us. In the Tarot de Marseille, it relates to the Arcanum Without a Name, card number thirteen, which signals change as the path to a better start.

Horoscope: which signs will be most affected by this astro aspect?

If this aspect gives a boost to all the astrological signs, there are three that will have the cosmic jackpot!


Pluto in your house of finances will bring you the clarity needed to put this area in order, and even to consider making any necessary adjustments to your spending.


Pluto is in your sign right now, and it works for you. Thanks to this aspect, you will be able to affirm your personality in a sagacious way and in accordance with your desires.


Use this aspect to gain confidence. You could be on the verge of finding the idea that will change your professional life, or at least the one that will put it on the right path. Your words are powerful, use your eloquence.

Sextile of Mars and Pluto: what impact on your life?

The aspect that will take place this Sunday between these two celestial bodies will be very positive for all the signs of the Zodiac. You will feel the drive and determination needed to achieve your goals. A source of positive energy to focus on a specific task that is important to you.

You will have the courage to move forward with confidence, without anything or anyone standing in your way. The transformational power of Pluto hand in hand with the force of action of Mars will make you unstoppable.

This aspect makes the mind alert and lucid. You will be relentless in negotiations and your objectives will be clear and realistic. You could feel the need to take initiatives, and the strength of its two stars combined will give you the assurance of carrying them out.

A gentle combativeness will take over your spirit and you will have the ability to fight for what you want, but without violence and without rushing things.

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Astro: These 3 signs are going to have a GREAT weekend, here’s why!

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