Astrological guide to broken hearts (Netflix): here is the summary of season 1 before attacking season 2

Launched last October, the series Astrological guide to broken hearts quickly won over subscribers to netflix. The fiction, based on an Italian best-seller, revolves around Alice Bassi, a single 30-year-old working for a production company. She is heartbroken when she meets Tio, a self-proclaimed expert in astrology. The latter offers to guide her in her love life by giving her advice on all the zodiac signs of the men she dates. While his advice has made the young woman’s life a little easier, a new man will cross paths and turn everything upside down. Faced with the immediate success of the Italian series, worn by actress Claudia Gusmano, Netflix decided to renew it for a second season, available from this Tuesday, March 8. But before you discover the rest of Alice’s adventures, this is what happened in the previous season !

Astrological guide to broken hearts (Netflix): What was going on in season 1?

From the beginning of the romantic series, viewers meet Alice Bassi. The young woman still longs for her ex-boyfriend Carlo (Alberto Paradossi), with whom she works for a production company. Although she still has feelings for her ex, he now has a new girlfriend, Cristina (Lucrezia Bertini), who is pregnant. Disappointed, Alice is determined to meet new people. She receives help from Tio (Lorenzo Adorni), who gives her advice on the astrological signs. At first skeptical, she will quickly be charmed by the explanations of the self-proclaimed expert in astrology, who will help her find a new man in her life.

Of Libra sign, Alice must find someone with a compatible astrological sign, and it’s not that easy… The arrival of an attractive creative director, Davide Michele, will complicate Alice’s professional and personal life. . But, the latter will offer him a golden opportunity: to create a new game show based on Tio’s astrological expertise. This will have to determine the compatibility of single people thanks to their astrological sign.

Astrological guide to broken heartsseason 2 (Netflix): Will Alice and Davide be a couple?

Divided into six episodes, the series focuses on each particular astrological sign. In the season finale, Davide and Alice end up sharing a passionate kiss, while Cristina is in dire straits when she reveals to Alice that Carlo is seeing another woman. After a confrontation with Carlo where she summoned him to make amends with his future wife, Alice goes to meet Davide. But, the young woman surprises him kissing Barbara. What will happen to Davide and Alice? An answer to discover in the second season of Astrological Guide to Broken Hearts, available on Netflix !

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Astrological guide to broken hearts (Netflix): here is the summary of season 1 before attacking season 2

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