Broken heart: 5 yoga postures to regain self-confidence

Do you still have the aftermath of your last breakup? Yoga can help you regain your self-confidence and move on. Medisite reveals five postures in images. The end of a love story could hurt like withdrawal, according to Dr. Guy Winch, psychologist and specialist in heartbreak. In an article published in the newspaper Psychology Todayhe … Read more

Astrological guide to broken hearts (Netflix): here is the summary of season 1 before attacking season 2

Launched last October, the series Astrological guide to broken hearts quickly won over subscribers to netflix. The fiction, based on an Italian best-seller, revolves around Alice Bassi, a single 30-year-old working for a production company. She is heartbroken when she meets Tio, a self-proclaimed expert in astrology. The latter offers to guide her in her … Read more

The guitar broken during the separation of Oasis sold at auction

Before his appearance at the Beauregard festival on July 8, let’s go back to the Why Me? Why Not by Liam Gallagher. Interview Recorded between Los Angeles and London (notably at Abbey Road for the strings), Why Me? why not is in the same vein as its predecessor As You Were : pure British rock … Read more