Star Academy: what happened to Carine Haddadou, candidate for the first season?

For more than ten years, viewers have carefully followed the adventures of the candidates within the castle of Star Academy. In front of TF1’s iconic tele-hook, the public met many talents, in search of success and eager to learn singing, dancing and theater from recognized artists. Among the students of the first season, the young Carine had conquered the viewers with her big blue eyes and her blond hair.

Carine Haddadou: a deep voice and an angel face

In 2001, the French discovered for the first time the flagship musical program of TF1: the star Academy. The principle is simple, sixteen candidates in a castle follow courses in drama, singing and dancing, in order to become a star. From this season, the names that come to mind most quickly are those of Jennifer and Jean-PascaI. There is, however, a voice that is not so easily forgotten: the deep voice of Carine Haddadou.

At the time of the filming of the tele-hook, Carine was then a saleswoman in a ready-to-wear shop and was only 23 years old. However, it did not take long for her to find a place within the group. In terms of looks, this beautiful blonde with blue eyes is to die for. But it’s when she sings that her personality really shines. Thanks to her hoarse voice, she stands out throughout the competition and leaves the adventure at the gates of the final.

What career for Carine Haddadou?

However, her defeat did not sign the end of her singing career. Carine Haddadou is spotted by producers who offer her a role in the musical comedy Cindy, inspired by the classic Cinderella. She plays Petula, Cinderella’s half-sister, then played by the singer Laam. A few years later, in 2006, she found one of her former competitors on stage and appeared alongside Mario Barravecchia on the poster for the show Hi Joe!

It is with the appearance of a new reality TV show that Carine returns to our small screens. In 2011, the former candidate of the star academy joins the cast of Angels of the reality show. Carine signs up for the show with the aim of resuming her career in the field of music, and it is also an opportunity for her to explore a photo model activity. Following this new experience, Carine Haddadou released two singles which unfortunately did not meet with the expected success.

Despite her talent, the young woman gives up her dreams of music to work in the heritage sector. Since mother of twins, Carine Haddadou goes back on stage on the occasion of 20 years of Star Academy and performs alongside his comrade Mario Barravecchia the song When we love Patrick Bruel. One thing is certain, it is one of the candidates who marked the history of the cult show.

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Star Academy: what happened to Carine Haddadou, candidate for the first season?

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