Venus enters Libra: now is the time to fall in love

Radical change of atmosphere in October, especially for Libra and Taurus.

We recently explained to you why the retrograde of Mercury (from September 9 to October 2) was deemed chaotic. In the program ? Serial clumsiness, explosive climate, capricious technologies and bad timing for signing an important contract. Fortunately, that period is now behind us. Better, we even learn that the planet Venus arrives in Libra. If this does not speak to you at all, simply remember that a wind of romance and peace will blow over your month of October.

When Venus enters Libra…

Concretely, the planet Venus left the sign of Virgo to land in Libra on September 29. She will stay there until October 22, diluting an aura of peace, calm and… love in our lives! Why ? Because Venus is the planet of relationships, love, fun, creativity and self-esteem. The sign of Libra represents others, negotiation, love, peace, balance. This tasty mix of the two therefore gives a period particularly conducive to encounters and romantic daydreams. Who said autumn was an austere season?

“Sweetness, harmony, peace, collaboration are there”, explains the astrologer and tarologist Miss Lily. It is a period during which we will not only want to please, but also want to feel various pleasures. We feel the need to socialize, and we feel ready to collaborate more than ever. The general atmosphere is one of joy, gentleness, but also diplomacy and negotiation. A need for peace and harmony arises, a particularly soothing feeling after an emotional Mercury retrograde.

How does this translate in practice?

Love is in the air… whether in love or in friendship. On the heart side, it’s time to ask yourself where we are. Is it a real crush or just a hobby? In friendship, we want to reconnect with the old friends we had lost sight of since the summer. Venus in Libra is ultra-worldly, she makes you want to meet new people and get out of your home. It is also the moment of a financial rebalancing, since Libra is above all a regulatory sign.

Of course, the two signs that will benefit the most from this “love story” atmosphere will be Libra and Taurus, the two Venusian signs. Libra will be able to express all its charm, collecting admiration and compliments around it. For their part, Taurus will also have a good love season thanks to their natural sensuality. The only warning: beware of compulsive purchases!


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Venus enters Libra: now is the time to fall in love

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