Melanight: her biography, from law school to reality TV

Melanight is a reality TV contestant known for her explosive character. The pretty blonde debuted in 2016, in the show Bachelor. She grabs attention from the start by wearing a wedding dress to woo the Bachelor. She went through several love stories, but the one with Romain, another reality TV candidate, made an impression. Discover the biography of Melanight, the one who left law school to live her dream.

Summary profile of Melanight

Full Name Melanie Amar
Stage name Melanight
Date of Birth January 18, 1994
Astrological sign Capricorn
Age 28 years old
Place of birth Paris, France
Nationality french
Instagram @melanightt

Biography of Melanight

Melanight, whose real name is Mélanie Amar, was born on January 18, 1994 in Paris. She is a reality TV candidate and a French influencer. Before landing in the world of reality TV, she studied law, aspiring to become a notary’s clerk. She trained in a Parisian notary’s office. The show Bachelor was a godsend for the young woman. This allowed him to reconnect with his childhood dream: to do TV.

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In 2016, Mélanie Amar revealed herself to the general public under her pseudonym Melanight. She was able to seduce viewers with her humor and strong head. This is how she was able to continue in showbiz. Melanight continues the reality shows with The Villa of Broken Hearts, The Angels, The Holidays of the Angels, Moundir and the Apprentice Adventurers, The Princes and Princesses of Love and The Battle of the Couples.

Melanight and Romain, a short idyll

Her love affair with Romain was highly publicized. The couple have officially been together since Villa of broken hearts 6 in 2020. They have taken to flaunting their happiness on social media. They even opened a chain Youtube dedicated to their adventure. Together they integrated The Battle of Couples 3.

They had plans for marriage and children. Melanight and Romain spun the perfect love, but their idyll did not last more than a year. Romain decides to end their relationship in November 2021. The young woman has gone through all the states of a painful separation and has continued to share her feelings with her subscribers.

1674321406 271 Melanight her biography from law school to reality TV

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For his part, Romain remained calm, he did not even erase the traces of their relationship on his account. Instagram. “I don’t regret my past. I’m not one of those kind of people who suppress everything, I don’t run away from my past, I take it seriously. My love story was amazing”, respondhe to the haters. Melanight was indignant at his response, retorting that: “An incredible love story doesn’t end overnight with pretexts! “.

Melanight, a couple again

After her love affair with Romain, Melanight was able to smile again with a certain “mister somebody“. She is careful not to reveal the name and face of her darling on social networks. But that does not prevent her from sharing a few anecdotes about her new story. We know in particular that the couple met thanks to a pigeon and that this “sir someone” was able to find him pairs of boots that could not be found to make up for it after an argument.

1674321407 460 Melanight her biography from law school to reality TV

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Following the insistence of a user to know when Melanight will finally reveal the name of her companion, the young woman replies that it will only be when she has the ring on her finger. The reality TV star no longer wants to relive a story similar to the one she lived with Romain.

Melanight in reality TV

Melanight is an extravagant character who doesn’t mince words. She has always believed in love at first sight and is completely in love. It is also because of her personality that she has had success in reality television. It starts with the show Bachelor in 2016. Then she chained several shows, including the most cult ones below.

The Villa of Broken Hearts

The principle of this program is to provide coaching for single candidates so that they can believe in love again. Melanight participates twice in this reality show. The first time, in season 2, the pretty blonde gets into a relationship with Antony. But they broke up during the adventure. The second time was during season 6, where she declares her love to Romain. The couple left together after filming and their love seemed stronger than anything.

1674321407 582 Melanight her biography from law school to reality TV

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Melanight also participates in Angels. The principle is to provide coaching adapted to each candidate so that each of them can achieve their professional objective. She appears in season 9, in 2017, when the Angels fly to Miami. Her dream is to become a model. She also participates in Holidays of the Angels in Greece, in season 2 of the show.

Moundir and the apprentice adventurers

Melanight joins the cast of the season of Moundir and the apprentice adventurers. She is paired with Nikola Lozina, also known for his extravagances. The pair is excluded from the adventure on the 12th day since Melanight has exceeded the limits by slapping and scratching another candidate, Sebastien Dubois.


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Melanight: her biography, from law school to reality TV

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