Music – From November 5 to 12, in Nevers, when D’Jazz is there… so are the musicians!

To sweep away the clichés as one does with dead leaves on the doorstep, the director of the festival, Roger Fontanel, explains the philosophy of the event: “These are open, diversified proposals, which move away from the perception that people can have of jazz. The program brings together sure values ​​and the creative, inventive jazz scene of today. It’s a real appeal to curiosity, made possible by the prices we charge. This is all the more important at the moment, with the economic situation we are experiencing. »

A festival “for everyone”

Roger Fontanel emphasizes the “singular and popular” dimension of this festival “for everyone”, which frees itself “from reductive labels. Jazz, which dates back to the beginning of the last century, has never ceased to be nourished by multiple influences…”

In terms of references to a well-established career, there is plenty to satisfy connoisseurs and enthuse neophytes with the incredible organist Rhoda Scott (closing), the Aziza quartet around double bassist Dave Holland (Saturday November 5, after the Vincent Courtois Quintet ), clarinettist Louis Sclavis (“Les cadences du monde”, Tuesday 8) and drummer Daniel Humair (Friday 11).

Aziza, a quartet of stars on the stage of La Maison, Saturday November 5

Wielding the brush like chopsticks, he exhibits his works of abstract painting until December 30 at the Museum of Earthenware and Fine Arts.

The public will also find familiar faces and fingerings with Dominique Pifarély and Vincent Couturier (Friday 11). “Dominique is the greatest violinist of his generation”, observes Roger Fontanel. “It is usually identified as close to contemporary music, a little hermetic. There, he deploys melodic, accessible music. »

Feminize programming

Awareness of the challenges of representation is growing in the world of culture, the D’Jazz Nevers Festival strives to bring together a number of female talents. In 2022, only 10% of jazz musicians are women: “we must therefore try to rebalance by showing them more”, declares Roger Fontanel. “The responsibility starts at the teaching level, but offering musicians on stage allows young girls and women to say to themselves “I can do that”. And it’s progressing?! »

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NL 55

Proof embodied in rhythm and transgressive pulsations, the dazzling Nout trio, winner of the Jazz Migration scheme. The formation brings together flute (Delphine Joussein), electric harp (Rafaëlle Rinaudo) and drums (Blanche Lafuente), in concert at the Café Charbon on Tuesday 8. “It’s almost punk jazz, with original instrumentation. »

Note also the invitation made to Airelle Besson, renowned trumpeter, with “her fabulous quartet of lyricism”: she will be accompanied by Isabel Sörling on voice, Benjamin Moussay on piano and Fabrice Moreau on drums, to Try?!, given Monday, November 7 at the municipal theater. We should also mention Élise Dabrowski in trio (Wednesday 9), the Suzanne trio (Thursday 10), or the solar presence of Sandrine Bonnaire for The Clamor of the Fireflies, which she gives with Érik Truffaz, (Wednesday 9).

An exhibition at the media library

And since it is often necessary to understand where we come from to know where we are going, the Jean-Jaurès media library in Nevers is hosting, until November 20, an exhibition retracing the history of women in jazz. , designed by the founder of the Jazz à Vienne festival, Jean-Paul Bouteiller. “He is a great collector who presents more than 130 album covers here. When we look at all these recordings, we can clearly see that the women were already present! demonstrates Roger Fontanel.

And when the seasonal raindrops fall with a “bop”, when the leaves fall in a swing, we will say to ourselves: no doubt, in Nevers, jazz is there. Women too?!

Alice Forges


Céline Bonacina / Laurent Outside duo. 5 p.m., Municipal Theater. Duo of saxophonists: groove, these two have more than reason! And in the first part, the Orchestra of the teachers of Nièvre.

Vincent Courtois Quintet. 8:30 p.m., The House. After revealing his intimate cinematography to us on the album Soundtracks, he decided to push the envelope a little further by composing his first score on a silent film, and not the least: Finis terrae (1929).

Aziza. Second part. Did you say “supergroup”? Rarely, in fact, has Dave Holland gathered around him such an impressive cast.

Mr. Golouja. 5 p.m., The House. If Olivier Broda is the only actor, giving flesh like a storyteller to all the figures of the story, he nevertheless shares the stage with the three musicians of the Litanie des Cimes. Followed by a meeting with the artists.

Mikko Innanen Autonomus. 12:15 p.m., Municipal Theater. The saxophonist has chosen to bring together a new quartet around him.

Mr. Golouja. 6:30 p.m., The House. If Olivier Broda is the only actor, giving flesh like a storyteller to all the figures of the story, he nevertheless shares the stage with the three musicians of the Litanie des Cimes.

Airelle Besson “Try! “. 9 p.m., Municipal Theater. Try! unveils a group of radiant maturity, magnifying a repertoire that is both deeply melodic and open to all the possibilities of improvisation. Followed by a meeting with the musicians.

Designers. 12:15 p.m., Municipal Theater. Piano-double bass-drums trio with clear choices, clear perspectives, a keen sense of form.

Nut. 6:30 p.m., Café Charbon. The transverse flute and the harp still too often pass for instruments reserved for well-behaved young girls; the battery, much less.

Louis Sclavis Quartet. 9 p.m., Municipal Theater. Two cellists, one from the baroque, the other from rock; a percussionist rooted in the great Persian tradition; and the heady singing of this lyrically recognizable clarinet. Followed by a meeting with the musicians.

Elise Dabrowski Trio. 12:15 p.m., The House. Virtuoso voice, electric bass and trombone.

Sweet Dog. 3 p.m., Café Charbon. Saxophone-electric guitar-drums trio.
Christophe Girard sextet. 6:30 p.m., Municipal Theater. A fluid and plastic music.

Erik Truffaz / Sandrine Bonnaire “The clamor of the fireflies”. 8:30 p.m., The House. Music reading.

Translucent weddings. Second part. Multitude of variations and interpretations, palimpsest of meanings and sounds.

Susanna. 12:15 p.m., The House. It’s a trio like no other, a chamber instrumentation without rhythm, but not without rhythm.
Yves Rousseau Septet. 6:30 p.m., Municipal Theater. A music with electric colors, certainly, but where the winds of jazz have their place as well.

Grie. 8:30 p.m., The House. An adventure led for twelve years now by a band of joyfully intrepid musicians.

Thomas de Pourquery & Supersonic. Second part. A bubbling cauldron where spiritual jazz, pop-rock influences, psychedelic science fiction and other unidentified spices simmer.

Bruno Rabbit. 12:15 p.m., Municipal Theater. Atypical trio with bassoon, voice; flute and cello.

The Steam Effect. 3 p.m., Café Charbon. L’Effet Vapeur pursues in its own way the famous quest for an imaginary folklore, by injecting it with a good dose of electronics and experimentation.

Dominique Pifarély / Francois Couturier. 6:30 p.m., Municipal Theater. Preludes & Songs – “preludes and songs” with violin and piano discussed here.

Emile Parisien Sextet. 8:30 p.m., The House. In the heat of play and improvisation, giving birth to fiery music of a simply universal range.

Daniel Humair “Drum Thing”. Second part. A quartet without piano evoking the spirit of the formations of Ornette Coleman and Don Cherry, vibrating with the pulse provided by a master drummer.

Pierre Drevet/Bob Revel. 12:15 p.m., Municipal Theater. The two protagonists have nothing more to prove, but still everything to share.

Lecture by Jean-Paul Bouteiller. 3 p.m., Auditorium Jean-Jaurès. About the “History of Women in Jazz” exhibition, free.

Leïla Martial / Valentin Ceccaldi. 5 p.m., Café Charbon. Judiciously baptized “Fil”, his duet with cellist Valentin Ceccaldi is distinguished by its maximum risk-taking: two tightrope walker musicians moving on a tightrope.

Sylvain Rifflet “Aux Anges”. 8:30 p.m., The House. Aux anges draws the self-portrait of an artist in full maturity, whose singular universe has not finished surprising us.

Rhoda Scott “Lady All Stars”. Second part. It is always with the same sacred fire that the “barefoot organist” dispenses his beneficial waves on the stages of France and Navarre, surrounded for several years by an incredible assembly of young musicians. A great evening in perspective!

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Music – From November 5 to 12, in Nevers, when D’Jazz is there… so are the musicians!

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