I dreamed that I was losing my hair: what does that mean?

If the hair loss is associated with illness and stress, its dreamlike symbolism is charged with positivity.

“The theme of hair in general is fascinating. When the dream is mainly about this element, we can expect a sequel”, assures Chantal Motto, psychotherapist and author of Deciphering your dreams to properly guide your life (Ed. InterEditions).

But what are the different messages from the unconscious that may be hiding behind this disturbing dream?

The hair, symbol of the idea

“In the dream, the hair is related to everything that comes out of the head. It therefore represents ideas, anything the mind can make”, begins Chantal Motto.

If in your dream you are represented with a lot of hair, then this can indicate that you are in a creative phase, where ideas are flowing, “a certain power is expressed”, details the specialist.

On the contrary, if these are tangled and you are struggling to restore order, your subconscious tries to tell you that you are having trouble seeing clearly.

Colored or cut hair, multiple meanings

But according to the psychotherapist, the color of the hair or the action related to the hair in the dream can also be strong in meaning(s).

“For example, if we see ourselves blonde instead of brunette, it can mean that our ideas are innovative but still in line with our values ​​and beliefs. If we cut our hair in the dream, it is a symbol of great changes to come”, she specifies.

Finally, if the hair is meticulously cut, this could mean that we are in an analysis phase where we dissect all our possibilities and our ideas.

Hair loss, a mental transformation in motion

As for the loss, the main symbol of the idea persists. Only here, our unconscious reflects a mental transformation.

“Plants and trees shed their leaves in the fall for renewal in the spring, and this process can be compared to dreaming. We may be going transform and drop habitual ideas to reshape our thought system. It’s a dream that invites us to reflect”, explains Chantal Motto.

But the psychotherapist and author advances another interpretation, this time energetic. “In yogathe whole top of the skull corresponds to the last chakra linked to awakening, to the rise of energies, to the elevation”, she continues.

I am bald in my dream, what symbolism?

Only, when the skull is devoid of any hair in the dream, then the interpretation may be different.

It is no longer a process, but a state. In positive, according to how it is described in the dream, the skull is exposed so it is a mirror vision of oneself, one finds oneself. On the negative side, it can speak of an absence of ideas”, emphasizes Chantal Motto.

However, as for each dream and its symbols, it is advisable to put the dream in perspective with what is happening in our life, but also with the dreams made previously (hence the importance of keep a dream book).

“For example, if the person is bald in life and in the dream, he sees himself in the mirror. If she is represented with hair, then this may reflect her desire to have hair. Also if we are confronted with the disease, the dream can confront us with this difficult experience. We must not forget thatabove all the dream is personal”, concludes the author.

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I dreamed that I was losing my hair: what does that mean?

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