Returning Criminal Minds: See the 6 Returning Stars (and Those Who Turned Down)

Almost 2 years after the end of Criminal Minds, the series is about to return for a new season. This time, it will no longer be broadcast on CBS but on the Paramount + video-on-demand platform. In 15 seasons and no less than 324 episodes, Criminal minds had become a real phenomenon all over the world and had made the good days, and the good hearings, of TF1, in France. The announcement of the end of the series in 2020 had been a real heartbreak for the many fans of the department of behavioral sciences “DSC” (BAU, Behavioral Analysis Unit in English).

These same fans can now smile again, since Criminal minds will be making a comeback, featuring nearly all of their favorite actors. The specialized site Deadline has just announced that 6 actors present at the end of the series in 2020 will make their comeback ! We know that Joe Mantegna (supervising special agent David Rossi, present from seasons 3 to 15), Paget Brewster (special agent Emily Prentiss, present from seasons 2 to 7, then 11 to 15), Aisha Tyler (Dr Tara Lewis , present in seasons 11 to 15), Adam Rodriguez (special agent Luke Alvez, present in seasons 12 to 15), Kirsten Vangsness (analyst Penelope Garcia, present in all 15 seasons) and AJ Cook (special agent Jennifer JJ Jareau, present in the 15 seasons) will resume their functions!

Deadline nevertheless specifies that the 6 characters will perhaps not all be present in all the episodes, to allow their actors to invest in other projects. The good news of these returns is however nuanced, since we learn at the same time that 2 other show stars will not be there. This is the case of the beautiful Matthew Gray Gubler (special agent Dr Spencer Reid) who had participated in the 15 seasons of the original series. Present in the last 3 seasons of the detective series, Daniel Henney (special operations agent Matt Simmons) also declined the proposal from Paramount+. The actor who is currently starring in the series The wheel of timeon the other hand, would not be against the idea of ​​returning for an episode, if his schedule allows it.

If for the continuation of‘Criminal minds, the production apparently wanted to leave with the actors present at the end of the broadcast of the 15th season, other actors left before the end and marked the viewers. Everyone remembers, for example, the handsome Shemar Moore (Special Agent Derek Morgan) who was present during the first 11 seasons. Nor would the public be against the return of Thomas Gibson (Supervising Special Agent Hotch), who had held him for 12 years. The latter had been fired overnight after a physical altercation with one of the screenwriters. Jennifer Love Hewitt had also made viewers happy during the 10th season, but had to leave the program since she had become pregnant in the middle of the season and had preferred to take time to take care of her baby.

Although we still do not know when the series will reappear on our small screens, we do know that it should return for 10 episodes. And it is possible that there is not a plot per episode (as in the original version), but a main one throughout the season.

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Returning Criminal Minds: See the 6 Returning Stars (and Those Who Turned Down)

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