The weekly horoscope from August 31 to September 6, 2022

Sybille Souane, the astrologer of Point of viewgives you your horoscope for the week of August 31 to September 6, 2022.


March 20-April 19

Love : 1st decan, dialogue is the key. In a Relationship, you know how to temper your ardor to maintain balance, on the 3rd you will reach nirvana. Solo, listen to each other. 2nd decan, reasonable. 3rd decan, the 31st, delicate and vibrant feelings at the same time, great happiness for two.

Job: 1st decan, resumption of contacts in all directions. On the 5th, wobbles. 2nd decan, the 2nd, watch your finances. 3rd decan, slightly manipulative superiors, the 6th.

Form : 1st decan, avoid excesses.


April 20-May 20

Love : 1st and 2nd decans, strong ties based on mutual esteem, shared interests. In a Relationship, revitalize your daily life on the 2nd. 3rd decan, satisfy your loved ones while giving them space to come and go.

Job: 1st decan, movements in material affairs, funding opportunities, but which must remain secret on the 1st. 2nd decan, very productive, overflowing with practical and useful ideas. 3rd decan, take your time.

Form : 3rd decan, greedy, subject to temptation.


May 21-June 20

Love : 1st decan, to seduce you play the provocation card. The 3rd, pay attention to the sparks of your thoughts! 2nd decan, in a relationship, restarting the family “SME”. Solo, more of a homebody. 3rd decan, fiery flirtations.

Job: 1st decan, you multiply to answer everything. On the 1st, your energy is emulated and boosts your projects. 2nd decan, in case of questions, go back to the foundations. 3rd decan, you brilliantly promote your ideas.

Form : 1st decan, dynamism.


June 21-July 22

Love : 1st decan, at home, the distribution of roles for the start of the new school year causes disagreements, which will be fruitful after the 3rd decan. 2nd decan, solo, complicit bonds, but cautious – with the exception of the 2nd, where a magnetic attraction spurred you on. 3rd decan, the 31st, you work to maintain family harmony; on the 6th, don’t let your partner ruin your efforts.

Job: 1st decan, want to go for it, forgetting all diplomacy! 2nd decan, Zen. 3rd decan, let bad faith slide.

Form : 1st decan, fatigue.


July 23-August 22

Love : 1st decan, your friendships heat up… until they become deliciously dangerous liaisons (the 3rd)? 2nd decan, balance. 3rd decan, your loves take on new colors on the 31st. Don’t let family sensitivities darken them on the 2nd. The 5th is fiery

Job: 1st decan, good accounts make good friends. Start the new school year on a healthy footing. 2nd decan, the 2 does not favor compromise. 3rd decan, complete the negotiations as long as possible.

Form : joyful.


August 23-September 22

Love : 1st decan (August 23 – September 1), pragmatic more than romantic. Your loved ones could feel neglected, especially on the 3rd. From the 5th, Venus gives you a taste for romance. 2nd decan (September 2-12), happy birthday! Emotional stability, modesty and restraint in your affections. You prefer to prove your feelings with concrete actions rather than words. 3rd decan (September 13-22), dreamy and romantic despite appearances. For some, the beloved, chivalrous, is ready to go on a crusade. Solo, watch out for the seductive chimeras around the 3.

Job: 1st decan, strong intellectual stimulation; possible rivalries. A multiplicity of missions to fulfill simultaneously: your organizational skills are put to the test. The 3rd, measure your professional investment otherwise beware of family bickering. For some, many trips. 2nd decan, discreet, rigorous and efficient. Irreplaceable! 3rd decan, gradual recovery.

Form : 1st decan, tendency to scatter. 2nd and 3rd decans, calm.


September 23-October 22

Love : 1st decan, for some, indecision in the face of a sentimental choice. On 3s and 5s, your partners are likely to demand a clear answer. 2nd decan, need for intimacy, for simple and authentic ties. 3rd decan, brilliant friendships. Emotional caution. Focused on your hearth on the 6th.

Job: 1st decan, you are successful in moving around – provided you don’t impose an unbearable pace on yourself! 2nd decan, free. 3rd decan, powerful and generous mentors.

Form : 1st decan, fluctuating.


October 23-November 21

Love : 1st decan, lighter than usual; audacious and inventive in intimacy. 2nd decan, you maintain a fair and reasonable view of your relationships – even when the other person tickles you. 2nd decan, avoid the arrogant and follow your intuition.

Job: 1st decan, enthusiastic; Be careful not to reveal too much too soon. 2nd decan, projects patiently constructed. 3rd decan, the stakes of prestige fade after the 4th.

Form : don’t be too hard on yourself.


November 22-December 21

Love : 1st decan, solo, movement, twists and turns. In a couple, energetic and spirited relationships on the 1st; on the 3rd, you are off to a quarter turn. 2nd decan, Zen: take your time. 3rd decan, when you love, you don’t count the miles.

Job: 1st decan, contradictory information. Do not give in to the ambient agitation. 2nd decan, set up the schedule for the next few weeks now. After, it will be too late ! 3rd decan, calm.

Form : 1st decan, restlessness.


December 22-January 19

Love : 1st decan, solo, hesitation in the face of commitment. In family, tendency to exaggeration on the 3rd. 2nd decan, for some, erotic fantasy on the 2nd. 3rd decan, secret passions… but no less intense.

Job: 1st decan, long negotiations make you impatient. You want to take action. 2nd decan, serious, methodical and orderly in your new learning. 3rd decan, the 31st, refusal with an outstretched hand… other opportunities will come!

Form : 1st decan, balance to be maintained.


January 20-February 18

Love : 1st decan, solo, light and playful conquests are going well; On the 3rd, connections and friendships are made and broken up according to your desires… 2nd decan, calm. 3rd decan, the feelings of the other affect you on the 31st; on the 2nd, you refuse to let yourself be trapped by jealousy.

Job: 1st decan, creative and inspired; writings in particular are highly favored. 2nd decan, the right time to check the accounts. 3rd decan, it’s up to you to choose to take the outstretched hand… or not.

Form : steady.


February 19-March 19

Love : 1st decan, in a couple, home bubbling with activity, but not without clashes (the 3rd). Solo, you are looking for a partner who is responsive. 2nd decan, your partner has common sense for two. 3rd decan, beautiful stories have the gift of making you dream…

Job: 1st and 2nd decans, beware of those who try to put pressure on you: you will slip through their fingers! 3rd decan, panache and authority to spare.

Form : 1st decan, practice meditation if necessary.

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The weekly horoscope from August 31 to September 6, 2022

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