Face Soul Yoga: Makeover with face yoga

Cover photo – Aurélia Delsol, facialist and founder of the Face Soul Yoga facial yoga method ©Natacha Mojaïsky

At a time when the field of well-being is booming, the brand face soul yoga imposes itself on us as a revelation. On the menu ? A nice compendium of facial yoga, breathing exercises, acupressure and self-massage. Brilliant by its concept, it illuminates our daily life with its 100% natural method for an immediately healthier, luminous and rejuvenated face. Simple as pie, but cruelly addictive. Namaste!

A 100% natural method to rejuvenate the skin

Presentations are required. While many have already succumbed to the practice of Face Soul Yoga, others are asking for more information. But above all, let’s give Caesar what is Caesar’s. At the beginning ? Aurélia Delsol, facialist and founder of the method. This 30-year-old with a rich background, double master’s degree in Communication and Marketing – career in events and several entrepreneurial experiences, has found refuge in the world of well-being. Yoga therapy, especially that of the face, which has cured many personal ailments. This is how Face Soul Yoga was born in 2019, a simple, natural and effective technique based on facial muscle movements, acupressure, self-massage, drainage and facial reflexology.

Harmonize Mind, Body and Soul

More than a practice, it is a lifestyle. It is even a generous act of tenderness for ourselves. The session, lasting 10 minutes a day, is practiced during a quiet moment, as an aside with our muscles and our mind. The idea is to repeat precise and targeted movements to work the 57 muscles of the face (each of them corresponds to an organ of the body). Among the essential movements, we retain for example the “Big O”, “the Hamster” or “the Tapping”. Accessible to all, the method is practiced simply with clean hands on a cleansed face and after drinking a large glass of water. It is possible to accompany it with accessories such as the gua sha, the roll-on jade or the reflexology pen. At stake ? Reduced wrinkles, relaxed features, a more open look, plump lips and a brighter complexion.

GOOD DEAL: -20% reduction on the annual program

To democratize its practice and facilitate its learning, the brand has launched its application with beauty routines, initiation gestures and precious advice. There are different programs depending on your needs (Discovery, Lower face, V-Shape, etc.). Access to the routines is via mobile application, tablet and desktop computer (Le Studio). Recently, Face Soul Yoga joined forces with the clean beauty brand Seasonly to launch a facial reflexology pen as well as a program of 13 targeted routines (calm your skin, facilitate your digestion or even boost your immune system) exclusively available on the app. This miraculous stylus at the price of 42€ helps relieve pain and emotional states. Best ally of this 100% natural method, the Seasonly x Face Soul Yoga stainless steel stylus is made to travel and carry easily.

Always with the mission of pampering human beings, the Face Soul Yoga brand has decided to spoil you and offer a 20% discount on its annual subscription. face soul yogauntil July 25 with the code FIGMAD20.

It’s Christmas before time!

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Face Soul Yoga: Makeover with face yoga

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