Listen to your emotions with Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a modern Yoga that comes straight from the United States. It takes its principles from Chinese medicine and Taoism (one of the three pillars of Chinese thought along with Confucianism and Buddhism).

What is Yin Yoga?

Yin Yoga proposes to stay in postures for a long time (between 1 to 10 minutes) while always being supported by accessories. The principle is to observe your body, your emotions and your mind from stillness.

Immobile does not mean uncomfortable. If the position is in the way, it is possible to change it.

The benefits of Yin Yoga

The duration of postures in Yin Yoga is particularly long, but you are not doing this for nothing. In effect, stillness in comfort allows your muscles to relaxthis triggers a process of tissue regeneration and has beneficial effects on fascia as well: this network of connective tissues that communicate information and emotions throughout your body.

The practice of Yin Yoga also promotes the lubrication and proper functioning of your joints.

Another good news is that it is possible to produce more collagen (a skin protein) andhyaluronic acid (it smoothes wrinkled skin, giving it a younger appearance and a plump texture). No more need to buy beauty products by practicing Yin Yoga diligently!

On a mental and emotional level, stillness is always the key! When we are used to running up and down hill (especially when we have children), consciously or unconsciously, we avoid a lot of thoughts or emotions. The fact of remaining a long time in immobility makes it possible to approach and apprehend all that is hidden inside oneself, in order to be able to act on it. It is to become aware in order to evolve.

Finally, the fact of being supported for a long time in a posture allows a deep relaxation of the nervous system, the body, the mind and the spirit. Jackpot!

The poses of Yin Yoga

Most Yin Yoga postures are performed on the floor with supports. They have pretty names: Sphinx, Claw, Dragon, Dragonfly, Butterfly posture… Most of them have a “Yang” version with different names in Vinyasa, Hatha styles… .

Practice Yin Yoga always with kindness, at home or in the studio, with as much comfort as possible. Use cushions, a thick yoga mat (our advice for good choose a yoga mat here), blocks, and listen to the music you love. Anything that can relax you is welcome.

If you decide to make it at home, make sure you have a timer next to your mat. This way you can make sure you do exactly the same amount of time with symmetrical postures and check that you stay in a posture long enough.

Just like other styles of Yoga, the time you have available for your sports session should not be an obstacle. All durations are beneficial. In the studio, a Yin session lasts between 1 hour 15 and 1 hour 30.

Yin Yoga and pregnancy

When pregnant, you produce a hormone called Relaxin. It makes the body more flexible than usual. It is therefore necessary to be careful not to go too far in the postures because the sensation is not reliable. There are also postures that stimulate certain parts of the body and/or acupuncture points that are best avoided. Ask your gynecologist or midwife for advice before practicing. In any case, if you have never practiced Yin Yoga, it is better to be accompanied by a specialized teacher.

Thanks to Maricha Dumont, teacher and trainer of Yoga, including Yin Yoga within the Organic Alchemy Yoga School.

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Listen to your emotions with Yin Yoga

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