Compo TFT Varus and Nami Reroll with Cosmique (Astral) in Set 7

How to play the Varus and Nami Reroll comp with Cosmique (Astral) in Set 7 of TFT? The editorial staff offers you a guide on champions, the process, items, augments and positioning.

The composition Varus and Nami Reroll with Cosmic (Astral) is one of the components of Set 7. Rfind all the info on TFT’s Set 7.

Here is our guide to approach the composition, with the champions to playthe progressthem important objectsthem increases and positioning tips.

The Cosmic (Astral) Reroll composition with Varus and Nami at TFT Set 7

Your victory condition with champions Cosmic (Astral) is quite simple: use the additional gold and the special rolls to get all your champions 3 stars. Your carries are usually Varus who is a physical DPS, and Nami which deals magic damage and heals your allies.

To pass your 3-star champions, you generally want slow roll at level 5 for those at 1 GP, then go up to level 7 and slow roll again for those at 2 and 3 Range. At the end of the game, you can either add Aurelion Sol for 9 Cosmicsor enter Twitch and Ryze / Zoe for Viftireur (Swiftshot) and magician.

Unfolding and passages of levels

These are usually the rounds in which you want to level up.

Level 4 : Round 2-3
Level 5 : Round 3-2

You usually want slow roll a bit at level 5 or 6 to upgrade your champions to 1 range (vladimir, Skarner and Nidalee) in 3 stars. Then pass level 7 and continue to slow roll for your remaining champions (Varus, Illaoi and Nami).

The stuff to favor on Varus, Nami and Vladimir / Illaoi

Varus (main carry)Varus

Varus is your main physical DPS.

Typical build

Other options

Nami (secondary carry)Nami

Nami is an excellent secondary carry.

Typical build

Other options

* Don’t make a Infinity Blade that if you have a Precious Gauntlet with.

Vladimir / Illaoi / Skarner (main tank)vladimir

Illaoi is the best tank once you hit 3 stars, but it’s common for you to have Vladimir or Skarner much earlier and therefore carry your defensive items.

Typical build

Other options

What to do with your remaining items and components?

Items for Aurelion Sol : Aurelion Sol can be another late game carry if you have power and mana generation items left. Here are our tips for stuff for Aurelion Sol.

Items for Nidalee : Nidalee 3 stars can carry leftover items. Here are our tips for stuff for Nidalee.

Positioning of the Cosmique Reroll comp in Set 7


Varus : Put it in the corner if you have scout that there is no Thresh in front that could catch it. Otherwise, put a bait unit in the corner in its place.

Frontline : If you have a Redemption, try to put your frontline champions around the bearer so that they benefit from the healing.

Best Dragon Augments

Always try to choose an Augment based on what you need : generally at the beginning of the game it is appropriate to take a generic Augment since you do not yet know what you are going to play, and then you should try to reinforce the strengths of your composition.

Here are our recommendations:

  • +1 Cosmic (Astral) / Magus / Viftireur (Swiftshot)
  • Cosmic Gifts (Intercosmic Gifts)
  • Gathering of Mages (Mage conference)
  • Carapace / Link / Cybernetic Implants (Cybernetic Shell / Uplink / Implants)
  • Preparation
  • Lightweight (Featherweights)
  • First aid kit (First Aid Kit)
  • Meditation
  • improvised armor (Makeshift Armor)
  • Exiles
  • Echo of Luden (Luden’s Echo)
  • precious lotus (Jeweled Lotus)
  • Axiomatic arc (Axiom Arc)
  • blue battery (Blue Battery)
  • heavenly blessing (Celestial Blessing) / born hunter (Thrill of the Hunt)
  • Best friends (Bestfriends)
  • Portable Forge / Traveling Blacksmith (Portable Forge / Living Forge)
  • All Augments that help you roll

Obviously a lot of more generic Augments are interestingespecially those that give you items or bonuses to your traits.

For more info on Set 7, you can go to our tier list of the best compositionsor of course new champion info and new trait info.

find our compositions to try on the PBE of Set 7.

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Compo TFT Varus and Nami Reroll with Cosmique (Astral) in Set 7

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