An Argentinian is both a potter and a yoga teacher in Central Brittany

Sabina Soldano in her studio in the Gare district. ©The Independent Courier

Born in Argentina, Sabina Soldano arrived in France at the age of 20, thanks to the generosity of an uncle who offered the possibility of discovering theEurope to each of his nephews and nieces, in turn.

A Parisian life

She immediately fell in love with Paris and decided to live there. What she did first as a student. She prepared in faculty a diploma FLE (French as a foreign language). After obtaining her master’s degree, she also worked in the capital, with migrants within the framework of GRETA. She got married, had two children, a girl and then a boy.
Versatile, she has prepared a CAP in turning and ceramics. She chose the best masters: Thierry Fouquet, from Chemins de Terre, for the filming; Helen Klug, for enamels. She also trained in yoga, with a view to teaching this discipline.
Little by little, the working conditions at GRETA deteriorated: the lack of resources to work properly with human beings was sorely felt.

The creation of the workshop

Following a serious health problem, Sabina decided to take control of her life, to “finally become herself”. She spent a year in Inland Brittany. This somewhat secret region that she, her husband and her children know well, having spent all their vacations there, on the Led.

This time, in the Covid years, it was Caurelthe Guerledan Lake. The inhabitants, simple, pleasant, welcomed her without asking anything, as if she had always been one of them.

I immediately felt like I was coming home.

Sabina Soldano

And then there is the house in the Gare district, so beautiful with its schist “palisses” on the ground and its carved wooden staircase, the possibility of creating both a room for yoga classes (which fill up very quickly) and workshop for ceramics.

Sabina, in passing, salutes the professionalism of the local craftsmen: “They said six months of work, I couldn’t believe it. And yet, they kept their word! »

So here is Sabina Soldano installed in this workshop where she works and exhibits her work: colored ceramics whose decoration draws on South American roots and also more sober works, with strangely deep colors, like those found in the Japanese ceramics of the people.

Colors that owe their appearance to the use of wood ash for making the enamel. “I find it moving to start from the end of something to create something new”, concludes Sabina Soldano. And today, his pottery workshop certainly deserves the trip.

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An Argentinian is both a potter and a yoga teacher in Central Brittany

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