Laughing is (really) good: its 6 main benefits

What could be better than a shared giggle to get to know each other, integrate into a group, or create a moment of complicity and complicity, even with a complete stranger? But laughing is also a wonderful health remedy. Focus on its main benefits.

If (only) half of French people say they laugh several times a day, a third do it just once, and 7%… never! However, 1 minute of laughter would be worth 10 minutes of gymnastics and 30 minutes of relaxation: so many arguments to multiply the opportunities to get carried away and laugh out loud!

On the same subject

We should laugh 10 to 15 minutes a day: if everyday life does not always lend itself to good humor, we can take the opposite course to create laughter in ourselves. Listening to your favorite comedians (and discovering new ones) on public transport, hanging out more often with friends with whom you have fun, watching comedy films, reading comics or collections of jokes, joking with your partner, your family or his colleagues at lunchtime, playing tickle with his children… And then, quite simply, reminiscing or telling the little things that made us laugh… and are likely to have fun again!

We laugh more easily in a group

Laughter, this “proper to man” (although it is also present in other animals, monkeys, dogs or dolphins) is a means of non-verbal communication that creates and maintains the link, and has a social function , especially since he is extremely communicative. Treat yourself to a “live” comedy show to take advantage of the contagious wave of laughter from the public (which screens do not bring us), organize convivial and fun game evenings with friends (or the children) or sequences “cinema at home” with several people: we laugh more readily when we are trained and accompanied.

Learn about laughter yoga

Yes, there is laughter yoga, created by Madan Kataria, a doctor from Mumbai (India) in 1995. This is not triggered by humor or funny situations, but stems from the body, and combines facial expressions laughter and yoga breaths (pranayama).

Today there are thousands of clubs in more than 100 countries! Laughter is a group exercise, “triggered” before turning into “real” laughter, then sliding towards the general hilarity of the participants. There are even workshops in certain companies, schools or care establishments. (Info on ; ;

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Laughing is (really) good: its 6 main benefits

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