Legislative2022. Four ways to campaign differently, when candidates offer something other than door-to-door

Yoga, cyclo-rando, party, aperitif… The candidates for the legislative elections are doubling their efforts and their imagination to come out on top a few days before the first round of the legislative elections. A look back at some original initiatives.

The legislative campaign is not just about the dooratdoor, meetings and towing. Some candidates seem to have understood this and are finding original ways to meet the inhabitants of their constituency.

Overview of some initiatives that are doing well and giving new colors to the legislative elections.

To meet the inhabitants, François Ruffin, NUPES candidate (New popular, ecological and social union) in the first district of the Somme organizes Ruffêtes (contraction of Ruffin and party) during the weekends.

In the program, “petanque tournament, football, Mario Kart, games everywhere, a “Who is it?” giant politics, fanfare music, games everywhere, hundreds of pancakes and, all the same, a little political talk“, details the outgoing deputy candidate in a Facebook post.

A way to meet voters in less formal circumstances and to entertain the youngest on Saturdays.

The candidate Ensemble (presidential majority) also found an original way to campaign with potential voters: yoga, “because sport is important for healthy aging and health“. The free sessions have taken place every Sunday since May 22 at Hautmont Park in Mouvaux, near Lille.

There is one last session, scheduled for this Sunday, June 5 at 9:30 a.m., in the company of the candidate and Olivier Bartlinski, known for his free lessons in the Citadel park in Lille. No registration is required.

Octave Delepiere, NUPES candidate for the fourth district of the North and Nathalie Sedou, his replacement, organized a cyclo-rando this Saturday afternoon, June 4th. The journey has been madealong the Deûle, from Lille to Quesnoy-sur-Deûle, via Lambersart“.

They were able to address three major themes dear to their campaign: “water, agriculture and mobility“. During the various stops, they discussed “social and environmental issues” of the constituency and on the proposals to respond to them.

The outgoing deputy and candidate for the presidential majority in the eighth constituency of Pas-de-Calais has been organizing many campaign aperitifs for the past few days to meet the inhabitants, the opportunity to share “a moment of conviviality” around “real exchanges“.

On Friday May 27, he was at Witties, on the 30th at Auchel and on the 31st at Arques. He also went this Friday to Cauchy-à-la-tour. Aperitifs that will continue next week.

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Legislative2022. Four ways to campaign differently, when candidates offer something other than door-to-door

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