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This Tuesday, November 1, was broadcast a new issue of France has an unbelievable talent on M6. Among the candidates for the auditions, a 99-year-old grandmother who teaches yoga. Charlotte impressed with her incredible flexibility. But the comments of one of the members of the jury offended Internet users.

France has an unbelievable talent is back for a 17ᵉ season on M6. After two first episodes rich in numbers and emotion like this young Rayane, 15 years old, piano virtuoso, the auditions continued this Tuesday, November 1st. After providing a virtual chat, it’s Charlotte, a 99 and a half year old granny who showed up in front of the jury. Accompanied by her 66-year-old son, Claude, this grandmother, who almost missed sitting next to her chair, introduced herself as a yoga teacher, which stunned the public and the members of the jury. Eric Antoine immediately rebounded by declaring: “He is the second oldest person I meet on television after Michel Drucker..“For a few minutes on her mat, Charlotte performed several yoga postures showing her incredible flexibility. While she was doing this, her son explained the names of the positions to the microphones.

Sugar Sammy: “She will have forgotten everything”

Once her number was finished, Charlotte was given a standing ovation by the public and the jury who were visibly impressed by the flexibility of this granny who will celebrate her 100th birthday on December 11. Whether Helen Segara, Marianne James and Eric Antoine praised this performance, emphasizing “the feat” and “this beautiful life lesson“, Sugar Sammy, he was not of the same opinion since he pressed the buzzer.

Quebec comedian was not tender on Charlotte’s performance: “Me, I’m gonna be tough, but the good news, it’s that you’ll forget everything afterwards“, judging the number not impressive enough. Then, he added: “This is the first time I was afraid that someone would die during the show“. Once the candidate left the set, he gave a layer of it by addressing the public: “Did you like it? I felt like I was attending an autopsy ?“Comments booed by the public who also shocked Internet users on Twitter:”Extremely shocking remarks“, “It disgusts me to no end“, “This is not the first time that Sugar Sammy has made inadmissible comments,” could we read in comments.

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France has incredible talent: Sugar Sammy’s remarks on a 99-year-old candidate shock Internet users (ZAPTV) – X Gossip

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