Show Mawlana 1871, the Cry of the Peoples in Marseille, Toursky Theater: tickets, reservations, dates


Mawlana 1871, the Cry of the Peoples, a show to see in Marseille (Théâtre Toursky)from December 6, 2022 to December 10, 2022. All the practical information (prices, ticket office, seating plan) for this show can be found on this page. Book your tickets now to attend this show in Marseilles !

THEATER TOURSKY CIE RICHARD MARTIN (L.135352) PRESENTS THIS SHOW By and with Nawar BulbulA breathtaking show of strength, both physical and emotional. Emotions and laughter guaranteed. A real favorite. Nothing seems impossible to Nawar Bulbul, and that is the strength of the show. He slips into the skin of a dozen characters in a quarter of a second, going from laughter to tears, from appeasement to high tension, from hatred to deep friendship, from the coldness of a man to the sensuality of a woman… This emotional density takes shape in the hakawati (storyteller) genre, an Arabic theatrical style, based on the narration and the reincarnation of characters and situations. Nawar Bulbul excels in the genre. It is fabulous and literally hypnotizes us. With him, we dive with curiosity into a historic and working-class district of Damascus, into this Arab society that we know little about. We become attached to this young Syrian of eighteen, Abel, who takes us on an intense journey, presenting tyranny in all its forms: religious, political, social and family. We discover all his subterfuges to be able to claim an ideal of life, not in conformity with the established rules and where the social codes answer a religious requirement which obliges the population and particularly the youth conditioned from an early age, to endorse an entire political system. . Departing from it implies subversive behavior which is not without danger, where terror reigns, such as that which France experienced in 1793. It is happening in Damascus, but it could be anywhere. Abdel-Nawar the mad, recounts his life, his hopes, his hesitations, his ordeal and takes us into a real hurricane that sweeps away everything that exists. We live, we breathe, we cry, we are afraid, we are cold, we are in pain, we laugh… Thank you very much Mr. Nawar Bulbul for your phenomenal talent, out of the ordinary, driven by energy and passion. STANDARD: 04 91 02 58 35 Disabled access • A lift is available for spectators. • Parking: Impasse Léo Ferré is closed to traffic on show nights. Seats reserved for people with disabilities or reduced mobility are nevertheless available. We thank you for arriving at the theater as soon as possible, from 7 p.m., to inform the caretaker that you need a reserved space in front of the theater or a shuttle made available on the evenings of shows to make the outward journey. / return from the car parks which will take you, before your show, from the guarded car parks of Toursky to the theater, then after your show, from the theater to the guarded car parks. Guarded car parks 3min walk from the theater Open until the restaurant closes > €4/vehicle See the map Car park 1: Rue Auphan Car park 2: Place Arzial around n°31 rue Felix Pyat (under the footbridge of motorway) Parking 3: Parking des Taxis Marseillais *NEW*

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Show Mawlana 1871, the Cry of the Peoples in Marseille, Toursky Theater: tickets, reservations, dates

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