Four apps for doing yoga at home

The “downward facing dog” holds no secrets for you, but you don’t have the time or the means to sign up for indoor classes? On the contrary, you don’t know much about it, but you want to get started to take care of yourself? Your smartphone can become a precious ally to keep your good resolutions to get back (gently!) to sport this fall.

In addition to our videos of yogamade by Isabelle, to be found here, some applications allow you to practice freely. Unfortunately, many of the apps aimed at seniors (some of which offer seated exercises or a complete practice with a thirty-day programme), are in English. Here is a selection of four applications that can adapt to your level of yoga, your energy and your goals.

Suitable for both beginners and seasoned yogis, this app, downloaded by over 12 million people, offers sessions from 5 to 70 minutes with hundreds of videos. You can define your weight goal from the start, the limbs you want to work on, your yoga practice, your flexibility… From this first questionnaire, the application offers you a personalized plan. A little extra: she asks you if you have injured areas, so you can specify if you are coming out of a wrist fracture or have knee pain. Another advantage compared to other applications: it offers meditations. What can play the role of carrot when you have sweated well!

The coach’s opinion: “The first thing is not to be afraid or ashamed to start or start a physical activity again, underlines René Gradel, osteopath and sports coach with many seniors. The application can serve as a gateway before joining a group lessons, to take a coach or to continue a practice once you know your body well. “

Free for seven days, then €74.99 per year. Available on Apple Store and Google Store.

Our favorite! Be careful, it is not designed for seniors, but for all ages and it is better to have already practiced a little, because the sequences are not very detailed. The advantage: you can choose everything, duration of the session (between 5 minutes and one hour) and relaxation, which limbs you want to soften or strengthen, the music… And with a base of 60,000 configurations and types of yoga very varied: vinyasa, hatha, gentle, restorative, each session is unique, so there is little risk of getting bored.

The coach’s opinion: “You have to understand that you can play sports at any age. What’s important is to listen to yourself, when you have a teacher in front of you, but even more with an application. Because nobody corrects you Yoga is a complete activity, which works on flexibility, balance, but not cardio or endurance. It’s not the Holy Grail! Today, we tend to make yoga sacred, but very often We’re going for ease. Even more when it’s an application and not a teacher who guides you. Men go for bodybuilding, less for flexibility. Women are more interested in flexibility. You have to force yourself to test what seems the most delicate to us. We will progress and be more comfortable. But we do according to what we like and what we can bring to the body.

A few free lessons, then 10.99 euros per month or 65.99 euros per year. Available on Apple Store and Google Store.

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This is an application that will encourage you not to relax your efforts during the holidays! Workout offers you a series of twenty workouts, not just yoga. It’s up to you whether you want to limber up your body, try relaxing poses, engage in gentle cardio exercises, all suitable for over 50s and yoga beginners. Advantage: you have the possibility of testing a course for free, by agreeing to watch an advertisement, then modulating: level of difficulty and duration of the break between the exercises. Squats and push-ups are yours!

The coach’s opinion:Before the “workout”, we called it the tonic gym. That’s good, because suitable for over 50s. But beware, after 65, the body has more difficulties. If you feel that a movement is very difficult, if you are out of breath, and especially if you are in pain, stop. Pain is your red flag! You have to listen to what the application says, but especially your body! Even more when you are old. And we adapt: ​​if your wrist hurts when you are sheathing, you can get on your knees. Or do push-ups on the wall. You can do everything with different intensities.”

Free for the first lesson, €1.99 for a month, €4.99 for the full pack. Available on Apple Store and Google Store.

The application, entirely in English, offers workouts combining fitness, stretching, dance and yoga for 30 days for over 50s. From the start, you will be asked what your goals are: avoid knee pain, lose weight, regain your morale… Short videos from 1 to 13 minutes guide you to do movements, standing or sitting on a chair and a bot offers to help you with any questions.

The coach’s opinion: “It’s more fitness and it’s in English. It’s a shame, we should offer simple applications of this type in French, especially for people who get into sport late in life and who have apprehensions. Because it’s very important to keep moving, throughout life. Little advice, if you do these exercises as soon as you get up, you can stretch before, in bed. A senior I have accompanied for six years complained of pain in his back as soon as he got up. I advised him to start his day with a simple exercise: lying down, he brings his knees to his chest and then straightens. He no longer has back pain. The body when he is asleep , retracts, that’s why when you get up, you feel muscle stiffness. I often advise stretching your limbs, lying or sitting, for 20 seconds, releasing and doing a second time.”

Free and available at Apple Store.

Thanks to René Gradel, osteopath and sports coach.

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Four apps for doing yoga at home

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