VIDEO. Get back in shape after the holidays: the Muladhara chakra to strengthen your legs in “Alors On Bouge en region”

Start the new year in great shape? The good idea! Here is episode 8 of our fitness and yoga program. Today, the Muladhara chakra to strengthen your leg muscles and why not get back to running.

Accessible to all, the sessions of the program “Alors On Bouge en Région” are led by two professionals: Sophie Roulaud and Valérie Copin. These are modules of around thirty minutes with a few simple exercises.

New year, good resolutions? We have the solution to help you get back in shape! A bit like an Advent calendar (but after…!), from January 2 to 15, 2023France 3 Nouvelle-Aquitaine offers 14 Yoga or Fitness sessions to follow at home.

A comfortable outfit, a carpet and let’s go!

Discover our eighth episode in the video above: the Muladhara chakra, represented by the color red and associated with the element Earth. We will, during this practice, seek to root ourselves. A good anchor on his mat as in his everyday life!

Level: practice accessible to all. Always choose the various options offered.

Next episode tomorrow!

The modules to be found from January 2 to 15:

  • 02.01: Fitness, return to sport
  • 03.01: Yoga detox
  • 05.01: Yoga, strengthening your center
  • 06.01: Fitness, strengthening, body weight
  • 07.01: Chakra Anahata, heart chakra
  • 08.01: Dynamic sheathing and cardio
  • 09.01: Muladhara Root Chakra
  • 10.01: Thighs and glutes
  • 11.01: Opening of the hips and Yin Yang
  • 12.01: Strengthen the arms with dumbbells
  • 13.01: Yoga Routine
  • 14.01: Deep abs and sheathing
  • 15.01: Chair yoga

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Sophie Roulaud for fitness

Sophie started Savate Boxe Française in 1995. She obtained 5 French champion titles and 2 world champion titles from 1996 to 2004, while continuing her studies at STAPS and then at the Center for Law and Economics in Limoges. She created an associative structure, for which she still works, specializing in social or professional integration through physical and sports activities.

Mother of three children, she knows how important it is to keep a moment for yourself around sport.

It was in 2013, when she was doing marathons, half-marathons and 10 km races, that Valérie discovered this ancestral discipline linking body and mind.

She then practices assiduously, according to her travels, and quickly notices the physical benefits and the mental well-being that yoga gives her.

She embarked on a Hatha Yoga training in order to transmit this philosophy of life to as many people as possible. A fan of Vinyasa and Ashtanga, his classes are in his image: dynamic, demanding, but always benevolent.

It is always a great pleasure for me to share this experience with my students, to accompany them on this long path that is yoga and their smile at the end of the practice is the most beautiful gift”.

“Alors On Bouge en Région” is the sport/wellness meeting of the regional branches. Follow step by step the exercises of our coaches, Sophie Roulaud and Valérie Copin. This program is shot entirely on a green screen and offers different landscapes of New Aquitaine set up in this virtual studio for each episode.

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VIDEO. Get back in shape after the holidays: the Muladhara chakra to strengthen your legs in “Alors On Bouge en region”

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