Facial yoga: 5 self-massage movements to tone your skin

Facial yoga is a holistic and natural way to take care of your skin. This facial practice allows you to have firm, toned and healthy skin.

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Sandrine Dominiak, yoga teacher at OLY Be, offers us 5 easy movements to do every day to tone the skin of your face. This is not a miracle recipe. The key to success is consistency! To fully understand the proposed movements, see the photo slideshow above.

1/ Tapping around the eyes

Firmly pat the underside of the eyes with the ring finger. Start near the bridge of the nose and move the finger outward (from the center out). Repeat 10 times.

Expected benefits: This movement circulates the fluids around the eyes. It improves circulation. It wakes up tired eyes and depuffs them.

2/ Pursing the lips

Smile while pursing the lips (kissing or “duckface” movement). Draw the cheeks inwards, avoiding creating an expression of surprise, so as not to create wrinkles on the forehead. Do the exercise five times.

Expected benefits: This movement firms and tones the corners of the lips. It also tones the cheeks and cheekbones.

3/ Neck massage

Inhale while stretching the neck to the maximum and exhale while trying to lower the shoulders down and back. This position lengthens the neck muscles and promotes self-growth. Fix a point in front of you. Apply a little oil or cream to your fingertips. With closed fingers, lightly but firmly stroke the skin, working up to the chin. Alternate with the right hand and the left hand very slowly. Perform this movement twenty times. If it is uncomfortable to pass over the thyroid, pass on either side without excessive pressure.


Expected benefits: This movement tones the skin of the neck, stimulates the lymph nodes and allows oxygenation. It drains the toxins accumulated in this region.

4/ Caress on the jaw

Apply a little oil or cream. Form a V with the index and middle fingers. Place the tops of the fingers (knuckles toward you) under the chin.

Maintain firm pressure, and quickly slide the fingers up to the ears. Rise from the center of the face outwards. Repeat 5 times.

Expected benefits: This movement improves circulation, skin quality and maintains a firm oval.

5/ Relaxation of the forehead

Spread a cream (or an oil) in your hands. Press the palms to the forehead (with confidence) and slowly perform a circular motion. Make ten circles clockwise and do the same counterclockwise. Breathe deeply.

Expected benefits: This movement soothes tension and blurs vertical wrinkles. It can relieve headaches.

Thanks to Sandrine Dominiak, Yoga teacher at OLY Be, for carrying out these exercises. Launched in 2015, OLY Be is the leader in yoga, pilates and personal development classes in France, offering thousands of classes each month, both in studio and online, from €9, with the best teachers, tested and certified. Find more information on the website www.olybe.com.

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Facial yoga: 5 self-massage movements to tone your skin

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