Christmas: 5 gift ideas for future parents

A baby will soon point the tip of his nose in your entourage? What wonderful news! If we particularly think of spoiling the future newborn, the parents also deserve some little attention. For Christmas, discover our selection of 5 gift ideas to spoil future parents.

At Christmas, we often think of offering a gift for babybut what about parents and future parents ? They too deserve to be spoiled in order to better understand their new life, take care of them or simply to have fun. Wondering what to give? Here is our selection of ideas to mark the occasion.

Time for yourself

When the baby arrives, the rhythm of life is turned upside down. The days must be reorganized and redesigned in order to welcome this little being in the best conditions. For make everyday life easier for parents and allow them to get the most out of their offspring, it may be a good idea to offer them some time. A household help, shopping deliveries for meal preparation, babysitting hours, institute care to decompress… All these immaterial but no less useful gift ideas will certainly bring some comfort to young parents.

Prenatal yoga classes

For expectant mothers, prenatal yoga helps soothe anxiety and relieve some pain. This practice is beneficial for restoring balance between body and mind. Indeed, during pregnancy, the body is subject to many changes. Yoga will therefore allow you to approach this period with more serenity and a feeling of well-being.

childcare articles

Everything related to baby equipment is useful. Generally, these gift ideas are indicated on a birth list. If this is not the case, contact the parents to find out their needs. Bottle warmers, breast pumps, changing mats, night lights… So many practical products to use when baby is present.

books on motherhood

When you are about to become parents, it is quite natural to want to find out about the course of the next few months of pregnancy or about the preparation of the arrival of the baby. As such, books are real sources of information to support them in their questions and constitute real useful gifts.

A photoshoot

Pregnancy is a once in a lifetime event. To allow the future parents to immortalize it, you can offer them a photo shoot carried out by a professional photographer and, if possible, specialized in maternity. A nice gift that the couple will keep for a lifetime.

A pregnancy jewel

A Pregnancy Bola is an ancestral necklace straight from Indonesia for pregnant women. His particuliarity ? It emits a noise, similar to a bell, which has the power tosoothe the infant. Its advantage? It can be worn with all maternity outfits. Trendy, it is worn by many future mothers on a daily basis. For more originality, you can personalize it by having a drawing or a message engraved according to your wishes.

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Christmas: 5 gift ideas for future parents

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