Céran Ferey: former poker player, he bets everything on yoga

Céran Ferey is only 34 years old and yet has several lives to his credit. After a 5-year dive into the world of poker, he left the world of cards for the world card. It will be 7 years of initiatory journey. It is in Asia that he has a huge crush on the practice of yoga. Back in France, he will open a place of retirement in Turqueville, in the Channel.

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It all started at the age of 18… Céran Ferey discovered poker and logically lost his first game. Never mind, he’s bitten by the gaming virus. He wants to understand everything about the rules and how to win. Gifted, he even became a professional player. With his business school diploma in hand, he chose to do his end-of-studies internship in Gibraltar within a online poker school.

He will remain there for 3 years as an employee during the day and professional poker player the night . He then lives in a “start-up” atmosphere surrounded by geeks living for and by poker. He earns a very good living. But, when he is offered a big promotion, it clicks, he throws in the towel, or rather the cards and decides to take his backpack in search of serenity.

His initiatory journey starts in South America. He discovers the world of shamans in the Amazon. During a ceremony, he swallows theAyawaska, a beverage used for millennia by shamans. For 12 hours, as he tells Anne Boétie, he has the feeling of going into the cosmos and “deconstructing his being”. This “freaking” experience where he even had the impression of dying will, according to him, unlock all the causes of his discomfort.

However, after a year and a half of backpacking, Céran is still looking for meaning in his existence. His wanderings lead him to Cambodia where an international Yoga center is looking for volunteers for two weeks…. He will stay there for three years!

He finally discovers harmony which he missed when he was addicted to the green carpet. Yoga offers him this connection between his inner self and the world around him. Céran Ferey trained and became a yogi himself. To perfect his learning, he then went to India and Nepal. He even spent a year in a remote village in the Himalayas with a renowned guru. He revels in his austere days dedicated to yoga. He gets up at 4:30 a.m. to then practice tantric yoga and its asanas (postures) as well as meditation and breath control. He ends up directing a ashram where he welcomes foreigners eager to practice this traditional yoga. But in 2020, the Covid-19 does not spare the most remote corners of the planet and Céran returns to the fold.

returned to Turqueville, small village of a hundred inhabitants near Sainte-Mère-Eglise, in the family property; Céran will both offer yoga class online but also in his village.

And, almost to his surprise, he creates a real beautiful community of yogi. It is expanding its activities by offering brunches combining tantra and Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga which tends to balance body and mind. And he finally launches with his brother Louis, permaculteur and his companion Hoda, passionate about medicinal plants in the project Garden Muchi

“Muchi” means hidden in Norman patois! It is therefore in this family property that Céran and his family are renovating an old farmhouse to make it a “transformative” living space as he calls it. In March 2023, he wants to welcome a dozen people who want to recharge their batteries by practicing yoga in harmony with nature. Céran wishes above all to offer a “parenthesis in active life”.

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Céran Ferey: former poker player, he bets everything on yoga

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