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Supernatural’s latest episode didn’t quite cut it – here are all the ending mistakes a future revival could fix. With the legacy of a whopping 15 seasons behind it, Supernatural’s series finale was loaded with understandably high expectations, with viewers and cast members largely agreeing that Sam and Dean Winchester’s story will ended at the right time. Supernatural Season 15 also kicked off with promising stakes, as God finally revealed his true evil and made one final rally against those pesky Winchester brothers.

Unfortunately, Supernatural couldn’t hold the landing. The final episode aired in November 2020 to a lukewarm reaction, leaning more towards the maligned Game of Thrones than the praised Breaking Bad on the TV finale spectrum. Titled “Carry On,” the episode picked up in the wake of God’s defeat and essentially tied the show’s legacy together. A wobbly bow, wrinkled, a little too loose…

On the bright side, Supernatural’s retirement turned out to be short-lived. Prequel spin-off The Winchesters will premiere in October 2022 – less than 2 years after the main show ended – and Dean Winchester himself, Jensen Ackles, has spoken openly about how he would approach a possible Supernatural revival later on. , describing a gritty, 10-episode HBO Max limited series. Whatever form a supernatural revival takes, Sam and Dean’s return could resolve some of the criticism aimed at “Carry On.”

The anti-climactic death of Dean Winchester

During Sam and Dean Winchester’s supernatural journey, the brothers have defeated angels, demons, archangels, primordial spirits from the beginning of time, and even God himself. It’s a track record that earns the brothers a justified reputation among Supernatural’s cacophony of villains and the hunting community. Considering all the powerful villains Sam and Dean have killed, watching the older brother die after being pushed on a random spike by an unnamed vampire was hugely disappointing. As the warrior of Supernatural’s star duo, Jensen Ackles’ Dean was always more likely to fight back than to die out with old age, and “Carry On” is probably trying to remind fans how bad even the most routine hunt can be. fatal, regardless of reputation.

In the end, though, seeing Dean die so dull ends his mortal existence on the lowest possible note. A supernatural rebirth would inevitably find a way to bring Dean Winchester back to life, whether temporarily or not, and Ackles would have a second opportunity to make a proper exit – that is, something more heroic against a more heroic threat. important.

Sam Winchester’s Family Mysteries (and Bad Suit)

Although Supernatural’s Dean Winchester ending did a disservice with an average death, his brother didn’t fare much better in the world of the living. “Carry On” reveals that Sam has settled down with a woman and is the father of a child named after his late uncle, but the edit leaves crucial information to the imagination. Sam’s better half is a blurry-faced background character – presumably Eileen (they’re still together in the current Supernatural finale timeline) but still unidentified. At least Sam’s son appears – played by Spencer Borgeson – but then Supernatural becomes suspicious and frustrated about his future. A protective tattoo on Dean Jr.’s arm subtly implies that he followed the family business, but given that these tattoos protect against demonic possession, it makes sense that Sam Winchester’s son would have one as well. if he sold insurance in an office.

A supernatural revival could clarify Sam’s relationship status, ending his relationship with Eileen in some way, while also indicating whether Dean Jr. continues the Winchester family’s line of monster slayers or breaks the cycle – an important thematic detail that Supernatural’s finale skipped. Depending on when this hypothetical supernatural revival takes place in the future, Jared Padalecki might also get the opportunity to play an older Sam Winchester without just donning a grandpa cardigan and an ill-fitting gray wig…

Cameos from Supernatural’s missing finale

Supernatural’s final missteps were, in all honesty, not entirely the show’s doing – Supernatural season 15 had the misfortune to film its final set of episodes in March 2020. When production cautiously resumed after a delay related to COVID-19, the necessary restrictions were still very much in place. strength, and likely impacted Supernatural’s ability to bring back the faces and guest stars that would have helped Sam and Dean leave with the proper fanfare. Only Jim Beaver’s Bobby Singer made the trip home, and the absences of Castiel, the Wayward Sisters, Mary Winchester, and many other deceased friends who might have welcomed Dean to the afterlife are keenly felt.

Now that COVID-19 measures have more or less been scrapped, a supernatural revival could deliver the emotional cast and “Carry On” character reunions that were sorely needed, and with Dean straddling the line between heaven and earth, there are virtually no restrictions on the faces that could appear. Supernatural could finally do what it probably wanted to do in 2020.

Chuck’s Surprisingly Easy Defeat

After previous seasons introduced such legendary antagonists as Lucifer, Michael, and Amara, God was the only logical choice for Supernatural’s big boss. Nonetheless, the long-awaited showdown didn’t match its big-name billing, and while the fight technically happens in Supernatural’s penultimate effort, the impact lingers in “Carry On.” God’s downfall is sealed after a brief exchange of fists between Sam and Dean, followed by the hastily announced revelation that Jack is now a power void capable of sucking God’s power away, rendering him mortal in the process. This solution would have allowed for one last wet battle in a regular season finale, let alone a final episode, and past battles against Azazel, Lucifer, and Lilith prove that Supernatural is capable of much better.

Again, COVID-19 may have to accept partial blame for the lack of scale and grandeur in Sam and Dean Winchester’s final fight with Chuck. Again, a supernatural awakening could make repairs. God is left alive as punishment in the penultimate episode of Supernatural, and while Jack boldly claims that the powers of the godhead will never return, many supernatural villains have overcome greater odds in the name of returning to relevance.

One could argue, however, that if Supernatural ever returned for a one-off adventure or limited series, Sam and Dean Winchester would be better served returning to their monster-hunting roots, away from gods and obscenely powerful angelic spirits.

Dean & Castiel Romance Confusion

Castiel’s Supernatural season 15 death came with a barn full of controversy. Chased by Billie, Castiel realized that the only way to spare Dean was to trigger a deal previously made with the Empty – that his angelic life would be taken for a moment of pure bliss. To summon the primordial creature, Castiel told Dean he loved him, but Supernatural left the true meaning behind those somewhat vague words. There are plenty of signs that Castiel’s confession is romantic in nature – the “happy moment” setup, Dean’s inability to respond, directing the words to one Winchester rather than the two. Alas, the cast members’ speech since the scene aired has fallen somewhere between disharmony and lack of commitment, casting ambiguity over the exact brand of love Castiel was talking about.

Supernatural had a simple solution – reunite Dean and Castiel in the finale. Their reaction would quickly confirm one way or another if the season 15 confession was romantic in nature. This reunion never happened, despite “Carry On” confirming that Castiel was helping Jack revamp Heaven off-screen. If a supernatural awakening were to occur one glorious day, Dean and Castiel would almost certainly cross paths, creating an opportunity to clarify how the angel’s emotional last words should be interpreted.

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A Supernatural Revival Would Solve 5 Big Series Finale Problems | Pretty Reel

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