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Published on December 23, 2022 at 2:14 p.m.

The end of 2022 is likely to be more intense than expected. At least, that’s what astrologer Jean-Yves Espié explains in his weekly horoscope. Two star signs better watch out. Here’s why !

Are you more Christmas Elf or Grinch? The end-of-year holiday season is always the most intense. There are the reunions, the excessive meals, the accumulation of fatigue and the fatal moment of taking good resolutions… or not, since we know very well that no one ever manages to hold them! Either way, and regardless of your program, the transition between 2022 and 2023 promises to be particularly intense. This is why, like every week, astrologer Jean-Yves Espié studied the sky. He deciphers the stars and shares his forecasts to allow everyone to take advantage of the energies present. After erecting the ranking of the luckiest signs between December 22 and January 4, here is the reverse list: those of the astrological signs that better be careful. Explanations.

Horoscope: this is how the year 2022 will end

Christmas, New Year. It’s party time. At least, that’s what one might think. Only then, the stars do not hear it the same way. In the coming days, the planets will do as they please by sowing trouble in our daily lives. It’s the great return of Mercury retrograde (yes, again…) which, from December 30 to January 19, risks disrupting everything related to communication. It will then be necessary to remember to check your reservations carefully, not to get the wrong recipient when sending your wishes, to think before you speak. In short, you have to take precautions and be organized. For good reason, at the end of the year, Mercury retrogrades in Capricorn. In other words, by operating a U-turn in the sky, the planet of communication invites us to take our responsibilities in hand. It is a question of no longer lying to oneself, of reviewing one’s priorities and of putting order in one’s budgets.

We grant you, the mission is not the most fun. It is however useful. This imposed slowdown will help everyone clear their minds. It’s about getting rid of the superfluous or blocking patterns to start a new year more serenely. Between the log of Christmas and the New Year’s glass of champagne, questions might arise. Yes, it can be existential, but it can also take the form of a simple question such as “do I really have to sit next to this cousin with whom I have nothing in common?” Mercury retrograde sets the tone: we take a step back to put things quietly. An introspective period, certainly, but a restful period that will allow everyone to arrive at the start of the new school year more zen and more confident.

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Horoscope: fatigue takes hold of this astrological sign

the month of december is always explosive. Between the preparations for the holidays, the holidays, the cold and the aftermath of the last twelve months, it is a period where it is difficult to find time for yourself. For some time now, Aquarius has been paying the price. If we call it the tournade of the zodiac, however, this astrological sign is struggling to get its head above water. A situation that also finds an explanation at the level of the stars. “Saturn, the planet of wisdom that has been tiring you for two years, is about to leave. Well almost”, warns the astrologer. Aquarius is therefore forced to suffer for a while longer the negative waves coming from the sky. It’s exhausting and almost frustrating. Should we give up? Jean-Yves Espié wants to be optimistic.

“Since she’s gravitating towards the last segment of your sector, it’s up to you to help her get away faster by taking the lead now. If he wants to regain his vital energy and his legendary overflow of joy, Aquarius will therefore have to make some efforts to hold on. There again, the astrologer helps him find the keys to moving forward. ” How ? By taking advantage of this period to get out and move. The more he starts moving, the less fatigue will take over. That’s good, the arrival of a new year is always a sign of a beginning. This is an opportunity to redouble your ambition to dare to embark on new projects. Until then, the holidays should give him a good opportunity to jiggle and reconnect with society. the Aquarius is well on the way to overcoming these obstacles.

Horoscope: this astrological sign risks giving in to all excesses

We grant you, Christmas and New Year are always a good excuse to give in to all the pleasures without having to ask questions. We organize gargantuan meals, we have fun to excess, we let ourselves go. An atmosphere that suits Sagittarius perfectly since excess must be a term he originated. Known for being the most optimistic, radiant and most everything sign, in the end, he plunges headfirst into too much and too bad for the rest. “Let’s see the good side, boredom will be unlikely to be present during this period”, observes Jean-Yves Espié. The situation looks rather positive for Sagittarius, but there is always a but…

“Indeed, the presence of Mars in your opposite sector sends you additional energy that you will have to channel. If the planet of ambition and vital energy offers the Sagittarius a second wind, he will however have to remain cautious. This is where it gets stuck. If he fails to preserve his strength, he will start the year on the kneecaps and everything will then go wrong. Prevention is better than cure, which is why it seemed important to us to put Sagittarius in this ranking. No, you are not being asked to refuse the last drop of champagne or the most important portion of the log, but you must also learn to say stop. In the coming days, taking breaks to recharge your batteries will be key. “You find the parade by exploiting your sense of organization. Finally, the planet of luck will be there. Everything is there to successfully meet the challenge. All that remains is for Sagittarius to boost this dynamic. See you next year to assess whether this lesson has been well learned.

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Horoscope: the first days of 2023 will be complicated for these two astrological signs – Elle

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