Harry Potter: these 4 actors are present in the film Enola Holmes!

Several Harry Potter actors are also present in Enola Holmes. They are four in number and we present them to you.

Well-known actors have starred in Harry Potter. Many have also made themselves known in the saga. Since then, they have participated in other films. And this is the case for 4 actors who are also present in the film Enola Holmes. We tell you which ones.

Harry Potter actors in Enola Holmes

You know of course Daniel Radcliffe or Emma Watson. But other well-known actors also played in Harry Potter. And after the saga, these actors play other films of course. Some of them then end up in Enola Holmes

They are still 4 to find themselves in this Netflix film. A pleasant reunion for the actors who worked together ten years ago. Moreover we find great actors in Enola Holmes. Even in the second part of the film!

Harry Potter fans will be happy to find the interpreter of Lupin in the Netflix movie! In Enola Holmes, he does not have the same benevolent role that he can have in the saga of the wizard. He plays Superintendent Grail who doesn’t like Sherlock at all.

Moreover, he sees the courage of the character under a bad eye. We are far from the best friend of James Potter who admires the bravery of his son. The latter will also die in battle. We are here very far from the world of wizards.

Next, you will find the great Helena Bonham Carter. You probably know her for her role as Bellatrix Lestrange in Harry Potter. But this is not its only major role, quite the contrary. She’s a great actress.

And in Enola Holmes, we can therefore see her again for our greatest happiness. In addition, for once, the actress does not play a bad role! Bingo! She plays Millie Bobby Brown’s mother. And teaches him to fight against the machismo of society!

Fiona Shaw and Françoise de la Tour in the Netflix movie

There are still two Harry Potter actors present in Enola Holmes. And not least. You will be able for example finding Fiona Shaw. In the saga, she played Aunt Petunia. A role that we did not like that much.

In Enola Holmes, she plays Mrs. Harrison, the boarding school landlady who holds the heroin for several days. Again, the actress does not play a role that we appreciate that much. But she still plays well.

And the fourth actress who comes all Harry Potter’s right is François de la Tour. The famous director of the Beauxbatons school from France of course! Cock-a-doodle Doo ! This is the French school of sorcery seen in Goblet of Fire.

Moreover, an idyll born between Hagrid and her in the film. In Enola Holmes, she embodies Tewkesbury’s grandmother. A very different role. In any case, if you haven’t seen the second part of the film, don’t hesitate!

If you are a fan of Harry Potter, you will be happy to find these 4 actors. Also, the storyline is very interesting. So what are you waiting for? See you on Netflix ASAP! The movie is already out for several days.

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Harry Potter: these 4 actors are present in the film Enola Holmes!

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