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The FIQ – Syndicate of Care Professionals of Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec met with the president and general manager of the regional CIUSSS, Natalie Petitclerc, to submit its demands within the framework of the renewal of the collective agreement.

Most of the demands made by the union aim to promote the attraction and retention of healthcare professionals in the public healthcare network.

“We are convinced that our CEO, Ms. Petitclerc, shares many of our findings and that she wants to have the means to make our establishment work. We invite him to make our proposals his own and to bring them to the Ministry of Health and Social Services”, emphasizes Chantal Boucher, Vice-President of the FIQ-SPSMCQ.

In the region in particular, the FIQ is asking that La Tuque have access to financial incentives to improve the attraction and retention of labour. “This is a measure that exists in the agreement and we would like La Tuque to be part of it, just like the CLSC de Parent,” says Ms. Boucher.

“For several years, the workforce has been decreasing from one year to the next in La Tuque and this represents a significant loss of employees. We have a large CIUSSS, so it’s made it easy to leave and work elsewhere without losing everything,” she adds.

A better work-family balance

The demands made by the union largely concern work-life balance. In particular, it is requested that schedules be posted at least two weeks in advance and covering a minimum period of three months to allow appointments to be made more easily, among other things.

The FIQ also wants its members to be able to modulate a full-time position over four days a week and for access to a fifth week of vacation to be granted before reaching 25 years of service, as is currently the case.

“We are also asking for the TSO (compulsory overtime) to be stopped. There are still far too many, notes Chantal Boucher. We also want a salary at time and a half from the outset on weekends and holidays. There are workload issues. We want the government to come up with a law on safe care/patient ratios. We think we got there. »

Another request concerns the elimination of the use of personnel from private agencies.

On the salary level, the union is asking in particular for a salary increase of 4% each year for the next three years, as well as a salary leveling to compensate for the inflation of the last few months.

“We have to promote conditions for people to return to the public network, find incentives to improve working conditions and work stability. There are many departures to the private sector or to a completely different field. In 2022, we will have more departures than arrivals in the network,” concludes Ms. Boucher.

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Better working conditions demanded in the health network in Mauricie/Centre-du-Québec – L’Hebdo Journal

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