Bruno Le Maire must intervene to authorize Le Duff to create his factory in Brittany

Bruno Le Maire (Tschaen Eric/Pool/ABACA)

Already aware of the economic and social impact, the renunciation of the industrial bakery project in Brittany by Bridor sends a very negative message for the made in France and the country’s reindustrialization policy. It’s not too late to come back to it. But it is up to Bercy to do what is necessary and quickly.

It is not with lightness of heart that the most Breton of Bretons, the entrepreneur Louis Le Duff gives up on creating 500 jobs in the new factory he was planning to create in Liffré, near Rennes. A magnificent project for its new Bridor factory, a giant investment which perfectly complemented its two establishments in Mayenne (Louverné) and Ille-et-Vilaine (Servaine) whose capacities are already full.

Louis Le Duff, the mythical founder of the Brioche Dorée, is not one to give up. And yet, true incarnation of the French entrepreneurial dream, the one that started with a simple shop, which today achieves 2.3 billion euros in turnover while retaining (which is not so frequent the whole control of his group Le Duff with my brands Brioche Dorée or Del Arte) considers himself a victim of the ranting and hassle of both the administration and local so-called ecological associations.

These would reproach him in particular for wanting with his factory project “to monopolize agricultural land or to have to use water. “We are swimming in delirium because we do not see how to set up a factory of breads and pastries without having to occupy a minimum of land. A real witchcraft trial (especially since the Le Duff family personally invests in organic farming), vis-à-vis the company which turns to ridicule and which would be laughable if it did not also have far-reaching consequences. for the economy of Rennes and its region.

And we can understand the reaction of the king of the croissant in his recent threat to settle in the United States, Germany or even Portugal to develop his industrial capacities. Time is money. In the global competition, no one is waiting for us. And Le Duff rightly declares: “We can’t afford to wait ten years for our industrial projects to come to fruition while our German competitors take two years to build a factory! ” All is said !

Faced with this economic and social waste, it is not too late for Bruno Le Maire to take up the case and free up the field of this investment made in France, which is as vital as it is symbolic. Because make no mistake about it, if our friend Le Duff confirms his decision to give up investing in this new factory, it is a strong message that will also be sent to all entrepreneurs in France and this is not really the time with the additional cost of 50 billion, linked to the increases in the energy cost which has just fallen on the whole of the national economic fabric. Our entrepreneurs have seen others, but that’s not a reason.

Many business leaders are closely following the development of this important and significant dossier.

Robert Lafont

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Bruno Le Maire must intervene to authorize Le Duff to create his factory in Brittany

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