Taliyah Mid S12: builds, runes and stuff – LoL Guide

Runes, builds, tips and more, discover our guide to play Taliyah in place of Mid Laner on League of Legends. Keep in mind that this guide isn’t set in stone — you’ll need to be adaptable to how your game is going and also to your opponents, especially after purchasing your main items. .


Runes for Taliyah Mid - League of Legends
Runes for Taliyah Mid

Taliyah Jungle

Taliyah is an AP midlaner capable of both kiting and burst his enemies. Black Harvest is therefore perfectly suited to his style of play, allowing him to eradicate a target on a complete combo. Low-blow, meanwhile, boosts the damage of Taliyah with his E – Telluric scrolling but also his Z – Seismic thrust. eye gouger is designed in combination with Black Harvest, in order to be able to increase the instant damage of the Stone weaver. Finally, treasure hunter allows to Taliyah to speed up the pace of the game, and to reach his powerspikes more quickly.

In the secondary shaft, Witchcraft, Absolute concentration is particularly effective at clearing minion waves as well as taking quick skirmishes, Taliyah can easily stay high in hit points. Finally, walk on water makes her faster in the river, which combines with her Passive – Telluric Surfing in order to chain devastating shifts on the other lanes.

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Main items


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Luden Storm

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Mejai Soul Thief



The Sorcerer’s Boots are the perfect choice for a burst-based mage.

Main objects

  • The Luden Storm Grants mages instant damage as well as mobility to reposition themselves in combat. Which allows to Taliyah to get out of the zone created by A – Spun Burst in order to maximize his DPS. In addition, the magic penetration provided by the mythical passive allows Taliyah to be a constant threat to soft targets.
  • the Mejai Soul Thief allows you to accumulate power by defeating your enemies, but be careful not to die! This object is therefore the best way to take advantage of the snowball potential of Taliyah. If you are not well in your game the Zhonya’s Hourglass may prove to be a good backup solution.

What’s next?

  • the Zhonya’s Hourglass is a preferred choice: Taliyah, except for his passive, is not very mobile and can often find himself in difficult situations. Using the stasis of the Zhonya’s Hourglass, she will be able to temporize in order to wait for her allies and recover her spells, in order to be able to survive.
  • L’Shadowflame provides additional magic penetration against low health enemies, while providing a large amount of power for a reasonable hit. In addition, life is a valuable statistic on the stone weaver, particularly fragile.
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Sorcerer's Shoes - League of Legends
Sorcerer’s Shoes

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In this section, find our advice on prioritizing your different skills. Depending on the situation, you will sometimes be able to prioritize a different spell.

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A > E > Z

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Summoner Spells

Find in this section the two summoner spells most often used. Variations are possible depending on your style of play, your match-up, etc.

Flash Jump - League of Legends
Flash Jump

Ignite - League of Legends

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Your main role in teamfight is to poke through A – Threaded Burst and to punish a poor opponent’s placement with a combo Z – Seismic thrust in your E – Telluric scrolling. You can then use R – Webspinner’s Wall to catch up with your enemies trying to run away. You can also play a more assassin-oriented role. In this case you want to bypass the opposing team and start the fight with R – Webspinner’s Wall to block your opponents’ exit path, and slip behind them to assassinate the carries.

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Tips & Tricks

  • For optimal use of A – Spun Burst, you will have to keep moving and not stay on the areas created on the ground (worked ground). In the jungle, however, this A – Spun Burst can be reset cheaply if the area becomes overloaded with worked soils.
  • The mana cost of A – Threaded Burst is reduced to 1 on worked ground.
  • You can continue to auto-attack for A – spun burst, which allows you to optimize your DPS.
  • Z – Seismic Thrust can be devastating in a teamfight if the enemies are thrown into your E – Telluric Scroll. You will need to use the projection on several opponents if possible, remember that you can project an opponent on the other side of a wall if he is stuck to it.
  • Any dash can trigger your E – Telluric scrolling.
  • R – Spinner’s Wall can be interrupted by Braum’s or Yasuo’s wall.

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